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Simple Backgrounds

45 Simple Backgrounds and Minimal Wallpapers

People often tend to look for minimal wallpapers for their desktop. They like to have simple backgrounds rather than having combination funky colors overwhelming the background. Such complicated and crowded desktop backgrounds often makes on feel very mentally occupied and stressed. Scientifically if you work in a simple, soft colored environment it will have a positive effect upon your brain, energies and work style.

Beautiful London Olympics 2012 Wallpapers

The whole world seems to have gone gaga over London Olympics 2012. And, to be honest, we don’t blame them. We are witnessing passionate back-to-back contests of sporting skill and will. The city of London has a strong character which brings together both history and modern values. We’re sharing some awe-inspiring London Olympics 2012 wallpapers. Check out the following wallpapers depicting the magnificence of the grand Olympic games.

25 Awesome and Amazing Disney Wallpaper

Having a look on Disney wallpaper always takes us back to some old sweet memories of our childhood or we may say that Disney wallpapers just brings a flashback of our favorite cartoon series and movies that we enjoyed in the past.

Cool iPhone Wallpapers

27 Beautiful and Cool iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone is considered to be the synonym of our new generations’ phone and that is why is nowadays the most popular device among the young generation. The professionals are also very much using it to full fill their needs and to meet their status obligations as well. It is no doubts a very lucratively designed device however to further enhance its beauty most of us always are in search of cool iPhone wallpapers.

60 Lovely and Romantic Valentine Wallpaper

60 Lovely and Romantic Valentine Wallpaper

I look into the bright glowing eyes of my beloved staring at me, asking to be kissed and when I kiss them, I come to acknowledge how important my love is in my life. Even though I am ready to give her everything I possess, sacrifice everything for her happiness and do everything for her comfort, yet she wouldn’t want anything from me, but love – the platonic love.

Desktop Nat Geo Wallpapers

35 Beautiful National Geographic Wallpaper

In an earlier post, we talked about cool nature wallpapers. Today we’ll be talking about another set of creative wallpapers for the desktop: national geographic wallpapers. Your computer screen is something you spend endless hours in front of. A nice wallpaper to look at, once in awhile, can just make those long hours less painful for the eyes.

Nature Wallpapers HD

40 Wonderful and Cool Nature Wallpaper

Your surroundings are likely to determine your mood in some way or the other. This means that the room that you sit in, the people you hang around with or just the overall atmosphere around you will effect you in more ways than you think it will. As we know, on average, a large percentage of the population spends significant amount of hours of their day sitting infront of the computer.

45 Heart Touching Romantic Love Wallpapers

Get your daily dose of love with these loveable images of love! In today’s post we will be showing some heart touching romantic wallpapers to warm and kindle your desktops with. The season on love will never die with these wallpapers of love as they grace your screens. Be inspired by our collection, and make your own creations using these love wallpapers for your loved ones!