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Tattoo Designs

Wonderful and Awesome Tattoo Designs Ideas

Tattoos have been used to adorn the human body for thousands of years. And today they come in various shapes, sizes, colours and purposes. There are many kinds of tattoo designs; permanent tattoos, semi permanent tattoos, and temporary tattoos. Tattoos may be used for making a statement about yourself, and for bold image creation. Or they may be used in tribes by tribal people, like they have been for thousands of years.

Love Me - Pictures of Heart

52 Lovely Pictures of Hearts

The heart is powerful organ of the human body, and surprisingly so much of what is said and associated with the heart is actually the brain’s doing or a series of complex human emotions brought on by chemical changes within the human body. Yet, how many times has one heard ‘my heart’s just not into it’, or ‘I love her from the deepest part of my heart’, or ‘don’t break my heart’, as if the heart is able to do all these things.

Robert Pattinson

Best Examples of Digital Painting

The world had a new mode of operation – digital. Everything that we did manually seems to have been transformed into a computer program. From gathering information to manipulating this information in ways that help us make sense of things, formulate new ideas, and develop innovative applications of these ideas.

3D Pictures and 3D Images

It looks the people living in this era are no longer happy with the two-dimensional lives. They want additional dimensions to add clarity and color to everything they do or see. No wonder we hear so much about 360-degree perspectives on everything. Because we know that the oft-quoted expression ‘there are two sides to every story’ is not true. Every visual story today has at least three sides to it. Yes, you got it right. The era of 3D images and 3D pictures is here to stay. The 2D world our predecessors had known for so long evokes feelings of an old romanticism that we may be able to appreciate but would never be fully content with.

Wire Sculptures Made From Useless Junk

Wire Sculpture Made From Useless Junk

To make useless junk useful is quite difficult, but in our collection of “Wire Sculptures Made from Useless Junk”, you will see that the artists have already done it. Making wire sculpture is already a tough job, but over here it is not only the wire sculptures, but the useless junk also. Now how wonderful these artists have made the combination of these two things, let’s check it out…