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Digital Illustration of Mortal Kombat Characters

Drawing sketches of living characters is nothing new. Man has long used different techniques to express himself in the form of human and animal drawings. These illustration, no matter whether they were carved in some far-off caves or drawn in the form of cartoon characters in the more recent history, tell a story. Today’s man is still holding on to this fascinating expression, continuing to tell his story with the help of human and animal drawings.

Wire Sculptures Made From Useless Junk

Wire Sculpture Made From Useless Junk

To make useless junk useful is quite difficult, but in our collection of “Wire Sculptures Made from Useless Junk”, you will see that the artists have already done it. Making wire sculpture is already a tough job, but over here it is not only the wire sculptures, but the useless junk also. Now how wonderful these artists have made the combination of these two things, let’s check it out…

45 Creative Examples Of Graffiti Street Art

It is interesting to note that graffiti and street art is relatively new, with street art only emerging a decade ago. Be prepared to experience the city’s living, breathing soul as you witness the new slang, the bold, the beautiful and the ugly, the abstract and the crude, the dangerous and the stunning, adorning the cities’ streets near you!