52 Lovely Pictures of Hearts

The heart is powerful organ of the human body, and surprisingly so much of what is said and associated with the heart is actually the brain’s doing or a series of complex human emotions brought on by chemical changes within the human body. Yet, how many times has one heard ‘my heart’s just not into it’, or ‘I love her from the deepest part of my heart’, or ‘don’t break my heart’, as if the heart is able to do all these things. Yet, they say that love makes the world go round.  And the symbol associated with love since time immemorial has been the heart. So today, we are bringing you a collection of lovely pictures of hearts and love pictures to enchant you and sweep you off your feet!

Prepare to be lovestruck by these love images as they make a room in your heart! Though it is true that the symbol of the heart does not even closely resemble the real human heart, but there is an interesting notion behind that. It is said that a vein in the human heart follows a passage in and around it that resembles the heart symbol ubiquitously known and seen as the heart symbol. But if you have another theory behind how the heart symbol got its shape, do share with us!

So perhaps you want to design a card for a loved one, or for a project, or maybe you’re looking for inspiration or a reference, these heart pictures will help you for sure, and they are just so lovely to look at in any case, why not keep them for using later?

Till then, keep loving, keep giving!

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