Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Websites

Hi guys! Today we’ll be talking about some really cool flat web designs with you for your design inspiration. In our previous posts we have shared and talked at length about some really great web designs with you, and today we’ll be sharing some of the best designed websites all with a cool, fresh flat look. Now, flat web designs have recently become popular and are an instant hit with people who want to go for a minimalist look. What we like best about these flat web designs is their clean, uncluttered, fresh look and vibrant strong colors.

In all of these flat web designs, you will notice the absence of shadows, drop shadows, gradients, textures, or bevels etc. It doesn’t mean, of course, that flat web designs do not use any kind of effect whatsoever; it just means that no effects are used to create a 3-dimensional look. Everything is very clean and straightforward and very 2-D. In flat web designs, such as in these best designed websites, you’ll find solid, bold, vibrant colors, a lot of focus on typography and simpler design elements.

Creating a flat web design serves a lot purposes; unlike other web designs, the focus is driven more towards the content than anything else. All the design elements and icons etc. are woven together in such a way as to allow the eye to roam freely and with obstruction by heavy, intricate design or too much text. Everything flows gently so as to create a soft, yet crisp look to maintain a simplistic design that serves its purpose well.

Flat web designs are a great way to create a website which is easy to look at and browse through, it seems less complicated and yet the design stands out in every way. So try your hand at these and browse through our collection below. Don’t forget to tell us how you liked them!

Santa Tracker

Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Websites

Moving Things

Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Website


Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Web Designs


Flat Web Design

Lush Type

Flat Designs

Font You

Flat Design


Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Websites


Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Websites


Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Website


Best Designed Websites

House Kitchen

Flat Design

Media Together

Best Designed Website


Best Designed Web


Websites Flat Design


Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Websites

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