20 Fabulous Samples of Websites with Full Size Video Backgrounds

Using videos is an excellent way of attracting website visitors and website developers were able to challenge their wits and skills in using video as a website background. There is no doubt that they have succeeded in this journey in web development and were able to produce fascinating websites with full size video backgrounds which many website users find very appealing. Videos are effective in drawing attention and they are used as part of the web development strategy to entice more viewers to visit an online site. Websites with animated or video backgrounds are certainly unique and we have found some 20 great samples of these websites with full size video backgrounds that are worth your visits.

1. Adidas Design Studios

The website features a unique presentation about their brand and style while promoting the different perspectives of their design and company committed services in a single video background transition. The website also provides a full blown image that you can view directly on the entire screen of your computer. The site is a good inspiration for product designers.


2. ONY Russian Agency

The site delivers a short video that represents their company and it runs behind the background as you view other website images that are displayed on the site as you scroll down for more viewing.


3. Dadaab Stories

This site is devoted in telling the various stories of refugees. A video is running in the background showing real life activities of refugees with other images and videos that are displayed as you scroll down a single home page.


4. Nike

This is the website of the famous Nike that provides a video background that highlights the company’s design insights. The video appears on a single web page where you can view a big sized video running in the background according to the menu category that you want to choose of viewing.


5. Valentino

The website showcases their wardrobe collection in a video that is running on the full screen of their web page. It shows a beautiful example of a website that displays a video to market their products with the visual element to entice their potential customers and website viewers.


6. My Provence Festival

The website uses videos in order to show how an artist focuses in exploring his crafts. The video runs with music in the background that adds to its inspiring presentation of their videos while watching how an artist grows his professional experiences.

My Provence Festival

7. Telly

This website displays personalized videos that are featured on the site. You can choose more videos to watch by selecting from the different categories available as your options or simple scroll through more videos displayed alongside the main video playing.


8. Spotify

This is a website designed for social sharing of music. The website displays a full screened video that is aimed at attracting potential users to share their music and participate in the website activities in order to promote their website services. The site uses their musical videos in order to inspire their visitors and to communicate different emotions to their viewers which are perfect in making their brand connect to their users.


9. Fernando Maclen

This is a website of an artist who shows a full screen video on its home page that shows how he does his art work. What makes this video unique is that it is blurry. In effect he has his way of attracting more interests among his website viewers in figuring out how he does his works. The video is very simple yet is compelling enough to engage the interest of his website visitors.

Fernando Maclen

10. Black Negative

This is a website that highlights their inspiring computer animation creations. It provides a simple interface where you can view their featured projects by dragging your mouse cursor sideways in order to reveal different videos to watch that marks the brand of this company in Paris.

Black Negative

11. Arcade Fire

This is the website of an Indie rock band, the Arcade Fire. A video for their Neon Bible album promotional trailer is highlighted in the video that sits down in full screen on your monitor display. You will hear various musical tracks of the band. Apart from the music playing in the background, you will find interactive playing with the hands on the video highly entertaining by clicking on them while the video continues to play.

Arcade Fire

12. YCO Yachts

The website displays a large video that fits the entire screen showing the interesting and fun way of a yacht vacation. The video aims to entice people to try spending a holiday in a luxury yacht with the element of sales marketing using videos to promote the company’s services.


13. Captain Dash

The company specializes in data mining and data management services. The website provides a full screen animated video that highlights the company’s products and services while communicating to their viewers the benefits of their company. The video specifically shows Captain Dash animated superhero to make the video more interesting to the video viewers.

Captain Dash

14. Preflight Nerves

The website displays a musical video of the band Brightly. It is a Twitter powered video creation that actually pulls the latest tweets on the music lyrics displayed from Twitter. You can download the single of the band entitled Preflight Nerves which is the inspiration for the name of the website using personal codes. The band is able to use the site in obtaining better visibility online with better exposure by encouraging people to share the code for their album.

Preflight Nerves

15. Life of Pi

The Life of Pi is an Oscar Award movie that stars Ang Lee. The website is dedicated in promoting the movie by playing a full screen video from the website background, running a trailer of the movie with shot excerpts. The video is also supported with music that adds to a more inspiring website with a full sized video background. Various menus float in front of the video showing a minimalist design for a video background optimized website.

Life of Pi

16. Media Boom

The website is owned by an advertising company that uses a video in introducing their company background that shows a retro American setting resembling the Manhattan in its 1950’s. The website creates a unique way of branding their company with a unique video presentation about their company.

Media Boom

17. Matter

This website is owned by a design consultancy firm that aims to engage their viewers to their brand by displaying random videos of different persons. The video is unique in delivering the company’s message that their customers and goals are valuable and important to them. The video deserves to be a stand out from other website competitors because of this video style approach in designing their website background.


18. Dromoland Castle

The website showcases a hotel and a country estate that is located in Ireland. The video delivers a way of enticing its viewers to like the vast golf course, spectacular views and the nearby wildlife for a memorable stay in the hotel. It also shows in the background some of the services offered by the hotel including the showcase of its amenities.

Dromoland Castle

19. El Monstuo

The website is sponsored by the Unicef and supported by ING which is a banking company that has the advocacy of promoting learning and education among the less privileged children. The site is dedicated in encouraging donations for children in order to pursue their education.


20. Futuretainment

The website deals with media and marketing. A video is played on the background showing a book that reveals the different approaches by which the company can help you in your marketing needs. The site displays a simplified presentation about the company services and how to contact them to place your subscription. The interface is minimalist that provides only limited categories to view from the website.


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