25 Popular Websites Redesign

Hello people! Today we’re bringing you a great design resource for designing websites. How often do you find yourself itching to redesign a website you’ve come across and feel that you would have done the job differently? But of course, you can’t help it! It’s in your design genes, and your creative designer’s mind that will just not stop! So today, we thought why not bring together some awesome redesigns of some of the most popular websites around the web, so that you can see how your best websites can look after a makeover!

So let’s first begin by looking at the present design of some of your favorite popular websites. What do you like about them? What do you not like about them? Make a list and then add notes on how you would go about changing some of the things you don’t particularly like. Draw and illustrate in your notes to make your ideas clearer in your head. Then compare your notes with some of the competitor websites, and see if you haven’t missed anything, or of there is any need for revisions. For an unprepared designer, a website redesign may be a long and tiresome task, but if you go about it the right away, all your work will be done in no time smoothly and efficiently.

Next, sit down and with your idea and notes at hand, start redesigning your website and remember to have fun! You’ll be amazed to see what ideas flow and come to you when you focus your mind on nothing else but the task at hand and how easily you’ll be able to get the job done. Sometimes, your client may be asking you for a website redesign, and if you’ve gone through these popular websites and the redesigns we’ve gathered for you below, you will have a very clear mind of what you can come up with and what you would be expected to do. So jump right ahead and start redesigning!

Twitter Redesign by Bluroon


Twitter Redesign Concept by Zsolt Hutvagner


Twitter Redesign Concept by Lucas Reif


Facebook Redesign by David Samuel Einenkel


Facebook – New Look & Concept by Fred Nerby


Facebook Facelift by Barton Smith


Youtube Redesign by Alex Tapein


Youtube Redesign by Charlie via Issland


Google Redesign V2 by Andrea Fabiano


Google Redesign Concept by Ayman Shaltoni


Google+ Redesigned by Shadman Ahmed


Dribbble Redesign by Paresh Khatri


Dribbble Simplified by Kuba Stanek


Dribbble Profile Redesign by Jan


Dribbble Redesign by Felipe Mendes


BBC Website Redesign by Michael Coyle


BBC Sport Re-Imagined by Jesse Payne


BBC iPlayer Redesign by Steven Harding


BBC Me Concept by Dmitrij Paškevic


BBC Suitcase by Joshua Ogden


IMDB Filmpage Concept by Vladimir Kudinov


Yahoo! Redesign by Dave Wharton


Flickr Redesign by Dickson Fong


Amazon Concept Redesign by Altay Suna


National Geographic Redesign by Enes Danis



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