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Web forms are one of the most popular ways for online companies to easily aggregate information about topics of their choosing. Since web forms are typically comprised of simple text fields and basic graphic designs, popular web forms are coded in HTML, an accessible and simple web language. Despite its simplicity, several online platforms have come out with code-free web forms in order to streamline how companies develop their web forms. Take a look at following code-free web forms to consider:


Wufoo is a free-to-try online form builder which uses HTML to provide you with streamlined web forms. The service allows you to create an account and create three forms for free before you have to pay for their services. With over 80 customizable templates, Wufoo is one of the most comprehensive yet easy to use code-free web form creators there are.


Formlogix is another free-to-try online form builder. Free users can use the company’s online form widgets which produce simple, single-query forms to plug into a website. In addition, users have access to a seven-day free trial to the additional web form templates that Formlogix has.


PHPForm is one of the simplest-to-use web form creators out there. You pick a color scheme for your form, enter the queries, and voila, the website generates HTML code for you to use. Unfortunately, lack of customization comes with simplicity; despite differing by colors, all web forms are in the same format.


FormAssembly features a free and paid web form service. Free users have access to unlimited forms, while paying customers have access to improved features such as PayPal and Salesforce integration. With many pre-made templates available, FormAssembly offers one of the more streamlined web form companies available today.

Perfect Forms

Perfect Forms has a huge collection of web forms for different scenarios. Examples include survey forms, purchase-agreement forms, and web polls. Like many of the others, Perfect Forms offers a free trial, but requires payment after the trial is over.

Best Web Forms

Best Web Forms is unique because a one-time fee allows users to download the site’s database of web forms. After downloading the templates, a user can use the forms forever without paying a penny. Another cool feature about Best Web Forms is that it includes Google Analytics code which you can use to track your web forms.

Email Me Form

EmailMeForm is a free web form generator which includes a variety of customizable web forms. A great feature included in EmailMeForm is the ability to embed CAPTCHA image verification systems, which reduces the amount of spam received.

123 Contact Form

123 Contact Form is a simple-to-use web form template service which caters to a variety of needs including customer satisfaction, employee evaluation, and sales forms. The website is easy to use, includes paid versions which increases the amount of forms you can send out, and includes features such as email notifications and anti-spam protection.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is one of the few web form designers optimized for mobile use. In addition to providing a portable avenue for creating and tracking web forms, Soho Creator includes a very streamlined (and free) web creation template.

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