25 Best Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

Hello there designers! We hope all your design projects are going great and that you’re learning something new every day. Today we’ll be talking about how to create some awesome looking presentations and sharing some great powerpoint presentation ideas. Now, if you’re a student, an office worker or a freelance designer working hard to make your niche in the growing market and have a big presentation coming up and are drawing at blanks on how to create one, then today’s post is a must read and you should definitely give it a thorough read before you start on your powerpoint presentation.

The first thing to remember about powerpoint presentations is that they don’t have to be boring. So don’t think boring! Some of the best powerpoint presentations use bold, bright colors and have a unique style and design that is reflective of the brand/company or idea behind the presentation. It can be an individual behind a single presentation but the idea can be a blockbuster! So, go ahead and play around with your ideas and go through these wonderful powerpoint presentation ideas we have gathered for you below from around the web.

Now, you won’t have to stare at your screen blankly as nothing seems fit and you crowd your mind with ideas that never seem to get well together. These powerpoint presentation ideas will give you plenty of new ideas you can work with.

12 Digital Predictions for 2012

Best Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

An Event Apart 2013

Best Powerpoint Presentation Idea

It’s the Little Things

Best Powerpoint Presentations Ideas

Design Disasters

Best Powerpoint Presentations Idea

How Do We Do The Design for the Everywhere?

Best Powerpoint Presentation

Designing the Business Experience

Best Powerpoint Presentations

A Designer’s Guide to Webfonts

Best Powerpoint Presentations

For a Future Friendly Web

Best Powerpoint Presentations


Best Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

FontShop – A Field Guide to Typography

Powerpoint Presentations Ideas

Future of Mobile Tagging Report

Powerpoint Presentation

15 Observations from a Culture with a Can-Do Tradition

Powerpoint Presentations

Long After the Thrill


Online Advertising Made Simple

Best Powerpoint Presentations

Personal Branding

Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

Why Planners and Creatives Should Become Best Friends

Powerpoint Presentation Idea

Data, Design, Meaning

Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

Hacking the Queue

Powerpoint Presentations Ideas

Social Media Engagement

Powerpoint Presentations Idea

The Goodness Manifesto

Powerpoint Presentation Idea

It’s Worth It

Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

Driving Word of Mouth with Unexpected Value

Powerpoint Presentation

We Are The Makers of Things

Beautiful Powerpoint Presentation

A Freelance Web Designer’s Survival Manual

Beautiful Powerpoint Presentations

Customer Satisfaction by the Numbers

Beautiful Powerpoint Presentation Ideas


If you’re a graphic designer then you already know all the tools on how to grab the attention of your audience. Use these same tools and incorporate them into your presentations and don’t make your presentations boring or unexciting any more. Think ahead and paint your presentations with vigor and style and bring them to life with colour!

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