Simple and Clean Examples of Minimal Web Design

The ultimate beauty of the minimal web design is that it says a lot by designing the least on the canvas. Means it is so simple that a big deal of information or message is hidden in the simplest drawings. The selection of the drawings however do require a lot of thinking exercise as one has to draw those objects only which do posses depth in them.

However, to underestimate such design is not a fair job! In fact the simpler these minimal designs are the more effort it requires to compile the ideas required to come up with such a creative design. It is far easier to draw many things on the canvas to deliver the required idea, where as it is far difficult to convey the same idea with minimum lines drawn on the canvas. Therefore, the true creativity is explored in this phase of design where the designer has to design the simplest designs to convey the complex thoughts.

Here we have collected some simple and clean examples of minimal web design which will further explain you the basic concept of these designs and how such design do add a great value to your web designs.


Minimal Web Design


RHYTHM Minimal Web Design


Core Minimal Web Design

Les Evades

Les Evades - Minimal Web Design

Frederic Christian

Frederic Christian - Minimal Web Design


Postmachina - Minimal Web Design

Visual Supply

Visual Supply - Minimal Web Design


Unfold - Minimal Web Design


Concentric - Minimal Web Design


Hochburg - Minimal Web Design

Barnt & Arnst

Barnt & Arnst - Minimal Web Design


Open 121 - Minimal Web Design

Harlo Interactive

Harlo Interactive - Minimal Web Design


Daniel Gray - Minimal Web Design

Site Inspire

Site Inspire - Minimal Web Design

Red Interactive

Red Interactive - Minimal Web Design

WordPress Minimal Themes

Here we have showcased some minimal WordPress themes that may also interests you.


Uber - Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme


Reveal - Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme


Infinity - Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme


Clean - Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes

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