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Flat Icon Design

35+ Examples of Modern Flat Icon Design

The latest icon design trend is flat icon design. Flat icon designs tend to be minimalistic, don’t have flashy animations, and feature crisp edges with a simplified look. These icon designs are two-dimensional with flat illustrations. The underlying idea in flat icon design is an emphasis on simplicity and usability. This post contains 35+ examples of modern flat icon designs. Hope you’d find them attractive and inspiring.

Getting Image Ideas

A Quick Guide to Creating a Memorable and Successful Logo Design

There are lots of ways in which logos are designed: logos can be crowdsourced, companies may pay millions for a logo, or an average designer can be asked to create a logo at reasonable rates. And there is no way to judge what a logo design is really worth. An unknown logo designer can stumble upon a winning image accidentally, or the world greatest logo designer can end up designing a lousy logo.

A Showcase of Beautiful Mobile App Icons

Before Apple released the iPhone, well-designed mobile software was a rarity. User interfaces were awkward and clumsy, and web and desktop software design was light years ahead. The iPhone changed all of this – with Apple’s obsessive focus on gorgeous design, people’s standards for what they expected out of their mobile device were raised.

Free Icon Sets

25+ Free Icon Sets You Must Have

If you want your design to be an attractive one by having eye catching icon sets placed on it? Than you should look for some free icon sets available on internet. The designers out there keep on sharing their work within the community and hence a good deal of time is saved by not reinventing the wheel. It is after all a win-win situation where the designers share their creative work and in return they often find some interesting designs. However, we must appreciate those creative designers who voluntarily keep on sharing free icon sets on regular basis.

Vector Artwork Graphics For Your Design Bucket

30+ Vector Artwork Graphics For Your Design Bucket

Being a designer means you are constantly on the lookout for high quality graphics and images. Any experienced designer will bear testimony to the importance of a well organized and sizeable library of useful resources. Today’s collection consists of over 30 vector artwork graphics. You may already be familiar with the usefulness and the design value of vector graphics – you can resize a vector graphic based on your design requirements. What sets a vector graphic apart from other graphics is that a vector does not lose its quality if it is resized.

Stock Photos and Valentines Images from Depositphotos

Stock Photos and Valentines Images from Depositphotos

As a web designer, blogger, advertiser, photo editor – every day you are searching for high quality images for your campaigns and design projects. Among the other photography websites, Depositphotos is the best source for stock photos, vector arts and illustrations. The company has more than 10 million royalty-free stock photos plus vector images available for sale.

Simple Backgrounds

45 Simple Backgrounds and Minimal Wallpapers

People often tend to look for minimal wallpapers for their desktop. They like to have simple backgrounds rather than having combination funky colors overwhelming the background. Such complicated and crowded desktop backgrounds often makes on feel very mentally occupied and stressed. Scientifically if you work in a simple, soft colored environment it will have a positive effect upon your brain, energies and work style.

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Freebies of the Month (November 2012)

Here at TDW, today we bring you this month’s freebies pack. It has a lot of useful free downloads for your design bucket. In this pack you will find backgrounds, buttons, textures, icons, badges, Facebook timeline cover, flyer, greetings card and graphical user interface elements. We hope these free design resources will save your time and make your life easier.