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New Free Fonts

25+ New Free Fonts For Your Design Bucket

It’s time to shed the old, and embrace the new. With new websites and print jobs cropping up everywhere, designers crave for something new and fresh. As they should, since people welcome the new and the distinct while they tire away from the old and boring. So today, we’ll be sharing some free fonts for your design bucket!

300+ Free Textures For Your Design Work

Textures are something that every graphic designer and digital artist knows how to put to good use to. Usually used as a background to merge with the overall design and complement the look and feel of the art design, textures add a little something extra, a little oomph, a little wow factor. There are a variety of textures to choose and use to your liking, and today we are highlighting some of the most alluring ones just for you!

FREE: Landing Page HTML Template

40+ Free and Premium Landing Page Templates

Think bold. Think fresh. And think classy. That’s all you need, other than a little help from us of course, to get you creating a landing page. In our showcase today, we are sharing some free and premium landing page templates with you. Landing pages are becoming increasingly popular as the race in the world of e-marketing increases to a new level. Typically, a landing page, or a lead capture page or a lander, is a webpage that users navigate to after clicking on an advert.

90+ Beautiful Fabric Texture For Your Design

Hey there folks! We’ve shared some pretty amazing textures with you lately, and we’re sure you were inspired by them to create your design projects and hope that you’ve put them to good use. Seeing how popular these textures are for designers everywhere, we decided to put together some more textures just for you! So today, we’ll be sharing some beautiful fabric textures for your design work!

Google Talk Concept Design PSD

Freebies of the Month (August 2012)

The 8th freebie pack-of-the-month is here! This freebie pack contains textures, gradients, web backgrounds, UI elements, video player, browser design, IM software design, and vector icons. I have been encouraged by your response to the freebie packs I have shared in the past. I’m confident you’d find this freebie pack just as useful.

39 Inspiring Free Hand Drawn Fonts

The latest trend of using hand drawn fonts while designing web pages is very much being noticed nowadays. Most of the time web designers are often found in search of some fabulous free fonts to add the wow factor to their pages and grab the maximum attention of the visitors. The best characteristic of these hand drawn fonts is that they add a very warm emotional effect to the designs. It seems that someone has taken pain to design such fonts as they are very much close to the nature and heart. Thus a very lively effect is added to designs by incorporating such fonts.

200+ Background Textures For Your Design Library

Observing the upcoming trend of using texture designs by designers, we have published many posts where we shared a number of breathtaking background textures with you. Today we are here with another amazing texture collection. We hope this will be a addition to your background textures collection.

40 Free and Premium Admin Templates

Most experienced web designers understand the importance of conceiving and designing professional looking and user friendly admin templates. An admin template is like the dashboard of a software platform and acts as a nerve center for controlling the software application. Admin templates are an essential feature of Content Management System (CMS) applications too.