25+ New Free Fonts For Your Design Bucket

It’s time to shed the old, and embrace the new. With new websites and print jobs cropping up everywhere, designers crave for something new and fresh. As they should, since people welcome the new and the distinct while they tire away from the old and boring. So today, we’ll be sharing some free fonts for your design bucket!

You must think beyond the usual Times Roman, the Comic Sans, Courier, Verdana, Curlz and Aerial etc. if you are aiming to please and attract people to your website or print. But at the same time, choose something appropriate, readable and unique. You’ll have to look no further, as below you’ll find our compilation of just such free fonts, only for you! When choosing a font for your design work, such as for a website, always make sure it complements the overall look, feel and content of the website, and is in harmonious balance with what the website has to offer. It will help to enhance the image of the website and show that you are a professional designer who has really thought things through to the smallest detail.

The importance of choosing the right font cannot be more stressed upon, since people readily engage with the font first, if not always, and this is what welcomes them, draws them in and piques their interest. We hope these free fonts below will help you to fit perfectly in whatever you design and create. What’s great about these free fonts is that they’re beautiful, unique and distinct and can make any job look like a million bucks went in to create it, when of course they are absolutely free just for you! So, use them to wherever you like, and don’t forget to tell us how you like them! Until next time.


New Free Fonts


Oranienbaum - New Free Fonts

Citizen Slab

Citizen Slab - New Free Fonts


Benthem - New Free Fonts


Vezus - New Free Fonts


Deibi - New Free Fonts


Etcetera - New Free Fonts


Slimbo - New Free Fonts


Days - New Free Fonts


Baffled - New Free Fonts


Edmondsans - New Free Font


Fabrica - New Free Font

Afta Serif

Afta Serif - New Free Fonts

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans - New Free Fonts


Rokkitt - New Free Fonts


Weston - New Free Fonts

AleksandraC Vintage

AleksandraC Vintage - New Free Fonts


Egypt22 - Free Font

Bond is Dead

New Free Font

Merge Light

Merge Light - New Free Font

Wisdom Script

Wisdom Script - New Free Fonts


Mensch - New Free Fonts


Bender - New Free Fonts


Novecento - New Free Font


Satellite - New Free Fonts


Cabin - New Free Fonts

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  1. ibnumalik says:

    Great font collection, keep it up 😉

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    Very cool set!

  3. martko says:

    nice collection thanks