25 Brilliant and Amazing Short Film Ideas

Hey folks! Today we are going to share a great resource for short film ideas. A lot has already been discussed about films and film genre. So today, we thought we’ll share some amazing short films with you for your next project.

Usually when you’re looking for an idea for your film, you do a lot of research into what has already been made on your idea, both commercially and privately. This is the collection phase of your film production process. So it is important to attune yourself with as much film resources as you can in order to fully submerge yourself with the idea and theme of your film. Our post today of these short film ideas are a going to be a sure-fire way to get you started and up and ready for action!

Whether they’re animated short films or if they are short films of other kinds, look ahead and you’ll find lots to get inspired from!

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Blind Date


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No Quarter

La Vie

Circle Maker


An Umbrelalala

The Design Work

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