Heart Touching Movies of Clay Animation

Today we are bringing you a collection of highly interesting claymation videos. Claymation or clay animation is a type of Stop Motion Animation, and is very popular among young artists and students and avid learners of video production. In clay animation each character, background and object is created with clay often with help of other materials such as paper, cardboard, wire or plastic. But the principle material used is plasticine or clay. Often, a soft armature wire is used to make the basic skeleton of the characters and clay is added on to it followed by the details, such as hair, eyes, facial features, clothes, etc.

You might be familiar with the popular kid’s show Gumby, or Wallace and Grommit, Shaun the Sheep, or Chicken Run, which have made this animation form quite popular.

How to make a claymation video

Claymation videos are fun and an easy way to create a stop motion video, and all you need is a little bit of imagination, lots of patience, some clay, basic sculpting tools and a camera with a tripod, and you’re only a click away from creating your own claymation!

As with other kinds of video projects, first you need to plan what you need to make and come up with as many ideas as you can. Next, you can start creating a storyboard for your animation and remember to take notes and make camera angles if you wish. Then you can start building your characters and select the background and accessories for it. When you have that sorted out, you can start taking pictures, and remember to take as many as you can, because you can never have enough film. Every movement makes a new shot, and the shots are then combined to make a video. When played in succession, they give the illusion of animation. Every little action that takes place is captured onto the film, even if it is only the blinking of an eye or a slight movement of the lips – lots and lots of images are captured. You should take extra shots of the scenes while all your characters are in position to avoid having to redo an entire scene. Finally, load your images onto a video editing software and start editing! You can record voice overs, or select an audio track to go with your claymation.

So to get you started, here a few really interesting claymation animation videos to help you get started!


Peter And The Wolf

Der Konsument

The Duplicators

Pigeon Pilfer


Mahlzeit (Yummy)


Make a Face

Super Guy Claymation

Make a Friend

Critter Song

Penguin Plasticine Animation

The Interview


Super Mario Claymation

Smile- Uncle Kracker

The Design Work

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