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Cool Macro Photography

Creative Macro Photography Ideas

Macro photography is one of the most dynamic types of photography, and today we are bringing you a collection of just such lively and vibrant photographs. These photography ideas will help you the next time you are aiming to capture something closely and get as many details as you can. Whether you own a basic digital point and shoot camera or a good DSLR, you can take macro photographs with amazing results. Although they won’t be the same in terms of results, but you can still manage to a take a fairly good macro photograph even with a point and shoot camera.

Love Me - Pictures of Heart

52 Lovely Pictures of Hearts

The heart is powerful organ of the human body, and surprisingly so much of what is said and associated with the heart is actually the brain’s doing or a series of complex human emotions brought on by chemical changes within the human body. Yet, how many times has one heard ‘my heart’s just not into it’, or ‘I love her from the deepest part of my heart’, or ‘don’t break my heart’, as if the heart is able to do all these things.

Wonderful Collection of Candid Photography

You might be wandering what photography this is, when you capture pictures of your friend at his wedding, your girl friend on her birthday, people walking in the street and so on. The important thing about this type of photography is spontaneity rather than technique. People, who are photographed, ignore the camera and just keep on doing what they usually do; they don’t specially pose for it. This type of photography has its own essence, entertainment, beauty, nature and art in it. It is Candid Photography.

Amazing and Beautiful Vintage Photography

It is always very interesting and curious thing to show ours and see others’ vintage pictures, because one moment in one vintage photo may share the happiest moment of one’s life, the hardships of a survivor, the experience of a gentleman, the beauty of nature and what not… The collection of “Amazing and Beautiful Vintage Photography” is presented to you here today with the hope that it will bring smile on your face as it is going to share with you the unforgettable moments of others’.

Creative Examples of Urban Photography

The urban life is entirely different from rural. Over here, you find countless aspects of photography from a small house to the largest building, from a tiny light bulb to a huge light room, from small streets to wide roads and from zero to hundred percent. Everything here gives so many ideas and artistic dimensions to be captured by a camera. The most important thing about urban life is that it keeps on developing and progressing ensuing number of creative ideas for Urban Photography.

Beautiful Examples of Dear Photograph

Life is measured on a scale of time. A comparison of two points on this time scale be used to bring out the similarities and differences between the life stages that these points represent. Many people write diaries or keep personal blogs so that they could always go back to see how life treated them in the past. Perhaps it is our desire to wallow in some sweet nostalgia or draw some conclusions from the bygone times that we like to make such comparisons.

Life in Motion Photography - Cinemagraphs

Life in Motion Photography – Cinemagraphs

Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered what it would be like to actually be there in the scene. Life is all about motion and dynamism. Stillness negates life. Unfortunately, that’s how pictures are – still. Still, a picture, they say, can speak approximately a thousand words. We’re going to introduce you to a type of picture that can speak, let’s say, at least, a hundred thousand words. That’s so because this image type is something midway between a picture and a video.