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Famous Places

15 Famous Places You Should Visit

Prior planning your summer holidays you must be wondering what could be the famous places which I should visit them this summer. Or may be if not all of them but which of the famous places is possible to reach this summer with your dear ones. Most of us just forget to plan our vacations and just randomly select a place to visit though it is not a bad idea but if it’s planned ahead with a little preparation you would be able to make your vacations one of the memorable ones by visiting world’s top famous places where not much people have been there.

Levitation Photography

20 Levitation Photography Examples

Have you ever wanted to fly through the air? See the world from above like a bird would? If you have flown in an aircraft, then you have already done that. Funny? Yea, we are a funny bunch, you know. So today we thought why not let our imagination fly away to some wild places! To do this you have to free yourself from the clutches of gravity and be able to levitate above the ground. Now, here’s the problem. We’re no Criss Angel. So we thought of using the next best technique – Photoshop. Smart, isn’t it?

20 Beautiful Girls Portrait Photography

Beautiful girls and Portrait photography always seems to be a very interesting and creative art mixture in which the photographer uses all possible techniques to shoot interesting and mind blowing portraits revealing the emotions through the facial expressions of innocent beautiful girls. So here we thought to collect some very amazing work of photographers photographing girl portrait.

25 Amazing Pictures of Sports Photography

To watch an amazing collection of sports photography is always thrilling. Watching sportsmen in sports picture when they are about to achieve their goal or reaching a winners positions or some time unfortunately getting defeated always involves us emotionally in photos. Sports photography is not an easy job as the photographer has to use the high-speed photography techniques to capture the thrilling moments.

20 Breathtaking Weird Pictures

Weird is strange, and strange can be strangely good or strangely bad. To tell the truth it can have quite a few qualities as well – strange can be funny, it can be crazy. We have collected 20 weird pictures to share with you. We have tried not to include any unpleasant or ugly pictures. We wanted these weird pictures to be creative, fascinating, even breathtaking. Like other forms of creative photography, every weird picture has its own story.

Funny Pictures #1

It is a strange human behavior that whatever the circumstances are, or whatever the mood is, having a single look on a funny photo always makes one feel very light and cool. All stress vanishes away immediately and leaves us with a chill cold effect for a while. Here we are with the first amazing collection of funny pictures. We are pretty sure that a funny picture always brings a wide smile on our faces irrespective of the mood we are in. Therefore we thought why not to share some great collection of funny photos on frequent basis and keep you updated with the latest amazing collection of funny photos.

25 Breathtaking Conceptual Photography Ideas

Conceptual photography is a type of photography which is not only depending upon the beauty of the object captured through the lens of the camera rather its main objective is to reflect certain motive or a concept behind every shot. Hence if you have a look on some conceptual photos and immediately say “this is beautiful” it really doesn’t serve the purpose or do the justice of viewing the conceptual photos. As you are only impressed with how the object looks like rather than focusing and understanding the conceptual photography ideas behind all this conceptual photography.

Google Offices

Google Offices Photos From Around The World

Google offices are known very much for their creativity and the most flexible environment provided to their team members world wide. In fact for the very first time when we had view of a google office pictures we were very much of the view that may be it is just a fantasy concept of having such a relaxing work environment where the employees are at home all the time.