Wonderful Collection of Candid Photography

You might be wandering what photography this is, when you capture pictures of your friend at his wedding, your girl friend on her birthday, people walking in the street and so on. The important thing about this type of photography is spontaneity rather than technique. People, who are photographed, ignore the camera and just keep on doing what they usually do; they don’t specially pose for it. This type of photography has its own essence, entertainment, beauty, nature and art in it. It is Candid Photography.

Candid Photography is best described as un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive. This is in contrast to Classic Photography, which includes aspects such as carefully staged portrait photography, landscape photography or object photography. Candid Photography catches moments of life from immersion in it. Candid Photography’s setup includes a photographer who is there with the “subjects” to be photographed, close, and not hidden. People photographed on candid shots either ignore or accept the close presence of the photographer’s camera without posing. The events documented are often private, they involve people in close relation to something they do, or they involve people’s relation to each other. Pictures taken at children’s birthday parties, Christmas morning, opening the presents, wedding, people dancing, eating, etc. are Candid Photography.

In other words Candid Photography is a friendly photography, where you don’t need to be a great photographer, however you can be one. We have a wonderful collection regarding Candid Photography, which we strongly believe would touch your feelings and inspire you. Here you go..!

Someday I Can Fly

Someday I Can Fly - Candid Picture

Good Morning Indonesia

Good Morning Indonesia - Candid Photo

On the Run

On the Run - Candid Shot

Dance With Bubbles

Dance With Bubbles - Candid Photo

Couple Kiss

Couple Kiss - Candid Photography

Happiness In The Village

Happiness In The Village - Candid Photography


Candid Jump

Nice To Be Alone

Nice To Be Alone - Candid Photo

Play Time

Play Time - Candid Shot

Wave For Daddy

Wave For Daddy - Candid Photo

In My Daddy’s Arms

In My Daddy's Arms - Candid Shot

Simple Pleasure

Simple Pleasure - Candid Picture


Balance - Candid Photography

At Least It Started Out With Laughter

Wedding Candid Photography

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl - Candid Shot



JOY : Pure & Simple

JOY : Pure & Simple Candid Shot

Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light - Candid Photo


Mencuci Candid Shot


Sarong Candid Photo

Sisters Playing

Sisters Playing - Candid Shot

Hope And Spirit

Hope And Spirit - Candid Photography

Afternoon Walk

Afternoon Walk - Candid Shot

Help Each Other

Help Each Other - Candid Photo

There You Go

There You Go - Candid Pic

Sea Weeds & Fun

Sea Weeds & Fun - Candid Shot

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Bike To School

Bike To School - Candid Shot

The Favorite Son

The Favorite Son - Candid Photo

Playing With Best Friend

Playing With Best Friend - Candid Photography


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  1. Ed Escueta says:

    Those candid shots are perfect!

  2. CDezt Anuku says:

    nice… most of them are Indonesian face 🙂 my lovely country…

  3. Sakinaini Puspita Pratiwi says:

    those picts are perfect!