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The Rumors are True: Passwords are Dead

The Rumors are True: Passwords are Dead

During the first quarter of 2013, Evernote, a note taking and archiving software company, experienced a security breach that forced it to reset some 50 million user passwords Many of the big name companies are discovering just that the era the passwords is over.

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4 Tips For Designing Great Banner Ads

Let’s face it, most of the banner advertisements that we see on a day to day basis (whether they’re on the internet or in the real world) are pretty diabolical in terms of their design. It’s for this reason that people hate advertising so much and generally become blind to the constant bombardment of banner ads that intrude on our lives.

Tips on Hiring Professional Photographer For A Wedding Day

Tips on Hiring Professional Photographer For A Wedding Day

Nobody would want to miss out any single moment of marriage celebration. It’s such a magnificent day of one’s life and its memories should be cherished forever. And definitely, you wouldn’t have thought your wedding without the need of a photographer. A photographer has to be at the top of your to-do list during your wedding ceremony. Although you can best this honour to your friends or family to click photos for you but they may not provide better results so as the professional photographers do. They can provide with perfect snaps you’d ever love to adore!

Create Free Websites Easily at Premium Standards

With everything evolving so fast in IT and social media, it’s hardly surprising that even coding would eventually become obsolete. With services such as IM Creator, anyone can express freely in the worldwide web field without prior knowledge of PHP or CSS. The creator refers to – you’ve guessed it – the creation of websites based on pre-set high customizable templates in just a few minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have long-since waited the day when such a thing was possible, so let’s get into the depth of it.

Webydo – A Web Designer’s Dream Come True

Hello designers! We are very excited to bring you a review of a great platform that will be your number one choice from now onwards whenever you think of the word website design. How many times have you been boggled and flummoxed by complicated coding while creating a website? Have you spent hours and hours to create carefully arranged handwritten code, and still worked your way through errors right down to the last minute?

Four Pillars of a Trust-Inspiring Website Design

Whether you are sharing information, selling products or trying to impress potential employers with a portfolio website, trust plays a major role. The Internet has kicked gullibility out of people. People take all things on the Internet with a pinch of salt. Proving trust on the Internet is not an easy task, but it can be done. Most users automatically judge a website on the basis of multiple factors – the efficiency of the website, the way the website looks, how secure it feels, etc.

Print Your Projects With

Either as a designer, web developer or entrepreneur, you’ve most likely been in the situation of needing a print or a business card as urgent as “yesterday”. Quality printing speaks about the quality of your business, and sometimes, it may even be the final touch that will land you the gig you’ve been hoping for. I know myself have always wanted a service that’s fast, reliable, and most important, to have impeccable availability.

Firefox OS

The Downside of HTML5 OS

In the coming months, we will be witnessing several launches of mobile operating systems on the market, one of the signification operating system that strikes my mind, is the Firefox OS. Firefox OS is designed based on HTML5 platform, many features are experimental, but this is the first innovative approach to utilize web technology for mobile computing.