Create Free Websites Easily at Premium Standards

With everything evolving so fast in IT and social media, it’s hardly surprising that even coding would eventually become obsolete. With services such as IM Creator, anyone can express freely in the worldwide web field without prior knowledge of PHP or CSS. The creator refers to – you’ve guessed it – the creation of websites based on pre-set high customizable templates in just a few minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have long-since waited the day when such a thing was possible, so let’s get into the depth of it.

Create free websites easily at premium standards

Either for a freelancer or a family business, you will find a model to suit your vision in their list of templates, which is the first thing you get to do on the page. They are as specialized as are numerous, for every branch of activities: photography, architecture, music, consulting, real estate, design and so on. Most of them are actually already full equipped for most standard needs and desires, making the redecoration needs minimum. Speaking of redecoration, the customization takes literally minutes and the visuals are classy and professional. With draggable elements in the form of social media buttons, links and the like of sidebar widgets, every element on the screen is customizable. Setting the width and height of any picture and text is just as easy as cropping or adjusting in Paint.

Create free websites easily at premium standards

This may sound simple to the advanced web developer, and old habits die hard. For that, there is a special element that can be inserted in the form of a rectangle in which the code can be inserted. Should the user not like the available templates, fret not. It’s possible to start out blank for the picky types who are more inspired by the blankness of their first sheet.

If the user community on the forum and the FAQ section are not enough for assistance, the support team provides help with e-mails answered within maximum 12 hours. The straightforward interface and overall simplicity should pose no problem as the tour video captures the essence of it in 60 seconds.

Create free websites easily at premium standards

A wall is built brick by brick and I can say that IM Creator is the last one. From the evolution of previous attempts, this team has synthesized the best features and services and managed to make the real experience of free website creation with user friendly interface and limitless possibilities even for the most professional of tastes.

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