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Organizing Your Online Meeting for Fun and Effectiveness

In a collaborative environment you have a variety of personalities and perspectives to deal with. While diversity is a sign of a growing organization, it can make meetings somewhat contentious. If you’re going to create better online meetings, for your organization, there are some tips to follow to make it work.

Putting Your File Sharing Plan Together

As businesses extend themselves and their assets around the globe, file sharing has become a way to get projects done regardless of time zones. When looking to integrate this feature in your business, here is what to consider.

Web Design: Running a Responsible Site, the Case of Jackpot City

Responsible Online gaming and Casino sites have never been so polished and widespread as they are today. The online casino industry began around ten to fifteen years ago and has blossomed since. Sites like Jackpot City have practically seen the revolution through from start to finish, and now offer online casinos that exude character and playability.

Social Media

Top 10 Social Media Mistakes Made By Beginner Bloggers

Anytime we learn something new, there’s a learning curve involved. When it comes to blogging, beginners tend to experience a pretty big learning curve. Not knowing effective blogging techniques won’t help you create a successful blog. Not having the right tools to drive traffic to your blog, such as social media, won’t suffice either.

Has Flat Web Design Become Dull?

Has Flat Web Design Become Dull?

In a response to the skeuomorphism that dominated web design at the beginning of the millennium, designer turned to flat web design. Skeuomorphism took inspiration from the real world, creating designed that mimicked the natural materials and designs of physical products in computer apps. Skeuomorphism in design meant the calculators and calendars found in PCs and laptops looked and functioned almost exactly the same as their physical counterparts.

Stockfresh comes in handy when you need cool images for your projects

Stockfresh comes in handy when you need cool images for your projects

That deadline is looming closer and closer, and you need some great-looking images to speak a thousand words. You have to find them fast, and at the best possible price. It’s not the first time this happens, and it probably won’t be the last. So, what can you do to minimize the effort and the expense that come with the whole process? I came across this microstock agency that might just be the best long-term antidote to all of that hassle.

You’ll need to take on lots of different roles

What do you need to consider when going freelance?

Becoming a freelancer can be one of the most rewarding moves in your career. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours in the comfort of your own home and get to be responsible for your own success, without the pressures and politics of an office job and the often horrible daily commute that comes with it.

The Benefits of Adobe’s Creative Cloud

When Adobe announced their move away from packaged software in favor of a subscription-based model, they generated some controversy to say the least. Designers everywhere were quick to jump to the conclusion that greed was Adobe’s motivating factor, and many still believe this to be the case. Others believe that this was a necessary and inevitable move on Adobe’s part in order to stay current. Whatever the motivation, Creative Cloud is here to stay, and it actually comes with some pretty cool benefits that were not included with the Creative Suite.