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Top Ten Email Signatures

An internet signature should do a few standard things: provide your name, position (if this is business related) and provide a few selected methods of contact. Anyone from senior business executives to internet personalities can have their own signature to reflect individual interests and areas of expertise. Just like anything on the internet, though, there are some right and wrong styles of email signatures.

How to do SEO of your WordPress Website?

Search engine optimization is a very crucial and important process. Te success of a website depends upon its SEO ranking to a large extent. This is why it is imperative to carry out a thoroughly well-organized SEO campaign for your website. With good search engine optimization, a website stands far better chances of getting acknowledged by users as well as search engines.

Website Builder

How To Use Website Builders To Create Free Websites

Website building is a very convoluted, time consuming and cumbrous process. It demands a lot of efforts, right skills, expertise and good technical knowledge to develop an effective and user friendly website. However, website development has become easier, all thanks to some amazing website builders. Most of times, people give up website building as it is quite intimidating and certain programming and technical aspects pose a big challenge.

Set the Tone of Your Website Design Project

As a regular office goer, you probably have spent a considerable amount of productive time (no pun intended), in a Starbucks store nearby. But have you given it a second thought why you like to taste a cup of office at an exorbitant rate in Starbucks when the same cup of coffee is available almost half of the price at the nearby food joint. Yes, you must love the comfortable surrounding, the cordial behavior of the attendant and the big smile of the waitress who used serve you, not personally though. So, all these together including the waitress of course create a unique tone that makes you visit it again and again.

Simple Typography in Business Cards

A Showcase of Typography in Business Card Design

A business card needs to make an impact. It acts like a small piece of marketing material, introducing the company and its representative to potential clients and customers, people who may collaborate on work or someone who can help the business grow. It needs to tell these people that the company is vibrant, growing and worth knowing about, so the design of a business card is in many ways as important as the actual information conveyed on it.

Create Code-Free Web Forms

Web forms are one of the most popular ways for online companies to easily aggregate information about topics of their choosing. Since web forms are typically comprised of simple text fields and basic graphic designs, popular web forms are coded in HTML, an accessible and simple web language. Despite its simplicity, several online platforms have come out with code-free web forms in order to streamline how companies develop their web forms.

Freedom Lover

Advantages vs. disadvantages of being a freelancer

Many people barely dream in a single day of their life to escape from the tutelage of their bosses and start on their own but only a small part realize the importance of taking this step. A freelancer is the individual who makes a living by working alone; usually he works in the field that allows such possibilities, meaning design, development, writing, SEO and so on.


ColorFX Announces $250 Brochure Design Contest

ColorFX, announces a simple to enter brochure design contest which gives away $250 worth of print products to the winner. Contest is for designing a brochure. Participants may choose to create a brochure specifically for the contest or enter their favorite existing work, for a chance to win $250 worth of print products from the extensive range offered at the website.