Typography Apps for iPhone and iPad

Typography can be defined as the appearance of characters on a page, or the activity of preparing text for printing. While typography is generally studied by authors, journalists, and copywriters, typography can be a very interesting subject for just about anyone.

With the age of mobile technology, many people are using their iPhones and iPads for their research both at home and on the go. For this reason, a few companies have created typography apps that can be purchased from the iTunes store for both the iPhone and the iPad.

The Typography Manual

1. The Typography Manual

The Typography Manual is arguably the most comprehensive typography application available today. Designed primarily for learning, The Typography Manual is perfect for graphic designers. Over 60 pages go over everything from the basics to how to set type. Features like HTML character code catalogs make this the go-to reference application for anyone interested in graphic design.

Available on iTunes


2. TypeDrawing

TypeDrawing is a fantastic and fun application designed for anyone with a creative mindset. This application allows users to create gorgeous pictures from text. By simply typing in a word or sentence and choosing a background, words turn into beautiful works of art. Created artwork can be uploaded to Flickr and then transferred to TypeDrawing’s own online project.

Available on iTunes


3. TypographyInsta (or TypoInsta)

TypoInsta is another wonderful example of a user-friendly typography application. With literally thousands of different font, color, and placement options, this application is perfect for adding special meaning to favorite photos. TypoInsta incorporates movement into the text to provide users with a fun and dazzling medium to label and caption their favorite photos.

Available on iTunes


4. FontShuffle

FontShuffle is a great tool for both graphic designers and those interested in one-of-a-kind fonts for their projects. It is a free application designed to allow users to find and compare fonts. Tools integrated into the application allow the user to be shown new fonts and typefaces at random or search for fonts based upon criteria they enter. Developed by FontShop, new fonts and typefaces are constantly being added and update to the FontShuffle application instantly.

Available on iTunes


5. WhatTheFont

Another fun application dealing primarily in fonts is called WhatTheFont. This application allows users to identify any font they come across with just a snap of the camera. Restaurant menus, flyers on lampposts, and even billboards offer fantastic mediums for using this application. It takes the guesswork out of determining what font was used, and allows users to save their searches in the event they would like to use that particular font in one of their own projects.

Available on iTunes

The Font Game

6. The Font Game

Just for fun, The Font Game is a great way to memorize fonts as they flash across the screen. Graphic designers and writers alike will have a blast trying to beat each other’s high scores. Although there are more than 1,000 font samples loaded into the application, a single game asks players to accurately identify 30 different types of text.

Available on iTunes

These applications prove that typography isn’t just for journalists and graphic designers. Typography has the potential to be fun and add a hint of elegance and style to photographs and drawings. Any of these applications are sure to win the hearts of anyone interested in the fantastic world of typography.

Ken Hattori

Ken Hattori is a technology writer. He has a passion for design, photography, letterpress, and just about anything that is appealing to the eye. Having spent some time living in Japan, he has developed a fascination with minimalistic and clean designs.

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