Portraiture Photography By Famous Photographers


Have you ever noticed the depth in the portrait of Mona Lisa’s smile? Oh off course you must have noticed and still you must be taking interest to extract more form that glorious piece of art by Leonardo Davinci, because that’s what the art is about, that’s what the artist do and that’s what the beauty of a strong portrait is. The best thing about Portraiture Photography is that you never get bored while standing in front of a portrait and staring at its lighting, expressions, emotions, depth and all. The more you see it, the more interest you take in it.

The main focus of Portraiture Photography is the face and its expressions. The portrait can consist of a single or group of persons, animals, birds, etc. It is the creativity and talent of the artist that to what extent he captures a portrait playing with the lightings, surroundings, poses, complexions, expressions and everything that he sees from his artistic point of view.

We have been in search of such mind-blowing portraiture photography and today we are very privileged to have a collection of some famous photographers for you. We would suggest you not to see this collection, if you don’t like to be captivated…

Aah! Just kidding, let’s be captivated, let’s be soothed and let’s enjoy!

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Portraiture Photography By Famous Photographers

© Zoltan Huszti

Female Portrait Photography

© Rust

Picaso Portrait Photography

© Cory Smith

Cute Baby Portrait Photo

© RamonaG

Female Portraiture

© Tomer Jacobson

Crying Baby Girl Portraiture

© Taci

Cute Baby Girl Portrait Photo

© Magda Berny

Asking Girl Portrait Photo

© Alex Dylikowski

Watching You Portraiture

© Andy Kämpf

Little Girl Portraiture

© DeLone

Grit and Glam Portraiture

© Bill Gekas

Girl Portraiture Photography

© Abel M. González

Portrait Photography

© Victor Kostiuk

Amazing Angel Portraiture

© Linda Palm van Meel

Little Wonders Portrait Photo

© Sylvie Bendel

A Stranger In New World Portraiture

© Chris

Sleeping Beauty Portraiture

© CathS

Man Portrait

© robert maschke

Entomological Meeting Portraiture Photography

© CathS

Portrait Picture

© CathS

Self Portrait

© Sina Rahmati

Uncertainty Portraiture

© Risquillo

Feeling Blue Portrait Picture

© Ben Goossens

Memento Portraiture

© Alabama

A Different View Portrait


Old Women Portraiture Photo

© Paul Quiambao

Girl Portraiture Photography

© Raphael Guarino

Moon Child Portrait Photo

© Vernon Trent

The Poet Portrait Picture

© Kim Ayres

Symbiosis Portrait Photography

© Marian Garai

Girl Portraiture

© Doron Nissim

Cute Baby Portrait Picture

© Robert Maschke

85 Years Old Man Portraiture

© Zoltan Huszti

5 and 95 Portraiture

© Monika Gniot

Scream Portrait Photograph

© TongTong

I don't...Portrait Image

© Milena Galibova

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You, Portrait Photography

© Luca Ferdinandi

Frozen Heart Portraiture

© Aleci

Silence Portraiture

© Shazeen Samad

Don't Disturb

© Martina78

Boy Portrait Photo

© Magnus Sundström

Girl Portraiture


Kid Playing Portraiture

© Szabolcs Sipos

Difficult Portrait

© Ada Panich


The Poet

Stephen Rogers 1 week ago
… absolutely stunning, breathtaking …
Kim Ayres Thank you for your kind words, Stephen 🙂
Dennis Camp 2 weeks ago
A most impressive portrait, captivating.
Kim Ayres Thank you Dennis 🙂
An Lionsa 2 weeks ago
Captivating portrait. I like the absence of detail on the left side of his face – one wonders if it is somehow disfigured. Nice chiaroscuro.
Kim Ayres Thank you for your words 🙂
Artur Borzecki 1 month ago
Fantastic picture ! I would only black out that soft light on the right in the background, but even with that it looks perfect 🙂
Kim Ayres Thank you Artur 🙂
antonio matias 5 months ago
it is hard to tell if i like it as it is… or with less deep shadow in the right side of the face. either way, that’s a great shot!
Kim Ayres Thank you Antonio 🙂
ferrara claude 5 months ago
great portrait !!
Kim Ayres Thank you 🙂
Peter Davidson 6 months ago
powerful and direct. Superb!
Kim Ayres Thank you Peter 🙂
ferrara claude 6 months ago
great !!
Kim Ayres Thank you Ferrara 🙂
Rikki Jensen 8 months ago
Very strong image. Beautiful composition, detail, contrasts. Well done!
Kim Ayres Thank you Rikki 🙂
suliman almawash 8 months ago
wonderful portrait !!
Kim Ayres Thank you Suliman 🙂
Louise Kumpf 9 months ago
Well, Kim, I just came from critquing your “Time” photo, and I see now there’s no doubt you’re a fine portrait photographer! Excellent work – this leaves me wanting to know more about the sitter, and as I’ve said before “mystery is a good thing”.
Kim Ayres Thank you for your kind words, Louise 🙂
Just discovering this one… I love the way you capture portrait. Keep going!
Kim Ayres Thank you Jérôme 🙂
conor ledwith 1 year ago
Fantastic portrait, powerful image
Kim Ayres Thank you Connor 🙂
eXistenZ 1 year ago
Impressive glance in a very strong portrait. Your postprocessing is really stunning !
Kim Ayres Thank you! It’s still one of my favourites 🙂
Patricia Sweeney 1 year ago
this is really a very good portrait!
Kim Ayres Thank you, Patricia 🙂
Dragan M. Babovic 2 years ago
Very expressive portrait full of tension.
Kim Ayres Thank you, Dragan 🙂
Eliza Deacon 2 years ago
wonderful portrait kim – you can’t take your eyes of him, but it’s also quite unsettling..his gaze is very direct. i’m liking your other work in critique too…what a wonderful setting that lovely old house is.
Kim Ayres Thank you Eliza 🙂 

This was about the 4th image I submitted to 1x and it was accepted. Unfortunately I’ve never got past the screeners since 🙂

Stefania Cruceru 2 years ago
Kim Ayres thank you 🙂
beautiful eye….what you do made a beautiful eye?sorry my english! 🙂
Kim Ayres Thank you Mario 🙂 

The eye was highlighted using a combination of the “dodge” and “burn” tools in Photoshop, to accentuate the contrast between light and dark. I hope that helps 🙂

kregon 2 years ago
very straight.
a porträt who catches the viewer!
regards, egon
Kim Ayres Thank you Egon 🙂
Andre du Plessis 2 years ago
Strong & intense!
Kim Ayres Thank you Andre 🙂
Bob Patefield 2 years ago
Everything I like about a portrait all in one image. Superb. Bob
Kim Ayres thank you for such a wonderful comment, Bob 🙂
@leci 2 years ago
great work kim!!!
Kim Ayres Thank you Aleci 🙂
Akos Kozari 2 years ago
Fantastic work
Kim Ayres Thank you Akos 🙂
Patrizia Burra 2 years ago
Kim Ayres Thank you Patrizia
moses stell 2 years ago
beautiful lighting….
Kim Ayres Thank you Moses – Just natural daylight through the window 🙂
Mikesi 2 years ago
Very nice !!!
Kim Ayres Thank you Mikesi 🙂
robbin reumer 2 years ago
Nice first capture Kim, well done, I like the composition and also the frontal/low angle. Black and white good choise, shadow- and lightplay very nice. Yep welcome on 1x, greetings and the mazzel, robbin
Kim Ayres Thank you for your warm words Robbin 🙂
Ulysse 2 years ago
Beau portrait et belle lumière.
Kim Ayres Merci Beaucoup Ulysse 🙂
Ian James 2 years ago
Great light and tones and well done on your first published image.
Kim Ayres Thank you Ian 🙂
SofiG 2 years ago
good portret
Kim Ayres Thank you Sofi 🙂
Kim Ayres 2 years ago
Kim Ayres 2 years ago
I’d just like to say a big thanks to any and everyone who gave this the thumbs up and allowed me my first published photo on OE 🙂

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