15 Modern and Beautiful Free Fonts

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We hope all your designing projects are coming along nicely and that you’re keeping track of the ever ticking clock while your deadline approaches! But don’t worry if you’re short of time and you have loads and loads of work to do. Don’t fret and don’t start pulling your hair while you look with frustration at all the work piled up after a weekend of recess. We’re here to make your job easier, and to save your time, today we’ve rounded up a collection of some very beautiful modern fonts that are completely free and just tailor made just for you for all your modern looking design projects.

These modern fonts aren’t just fonts, they are a token of beauty and modernity all rolled into one. They will look really awesome for all your design projects and will be a feather in your cap of beautiful modern typography. With these new fonts in your design library be ready to take on the world with new vigour and energy, as these modern fonts make your project design come alive. This collection below of free fonts will impress everyone with their modern design and beauty.

Often, you’re in a time crunch and can’t quite make your typography stand out. At times like these, you need a solution fast and quickly. With these modern fonts in your design bucket, not only will you be able to save time but make your design stand out from the rest. These beautiful fonts are not only unique in their design and idea, but they also have a very modern, new age, classy look to them that will certainly wow everyone. So browse through our collection of these beautiful, free modern fonts and download right away and start typing away!


Modern and Beautiful Free Fonts

Track Type

Modern and Beautiful Free Font


Modern and Beautiful Free Font

Dense Regular

Beautiful Free Fonts


Free Font - Phantom

Kelson Sans

Kelson Sans - Free Fonts


ROUNDA - Free Fonts

ATF Lorem

ATF Lorem - Free Fonts


Braxton - Free Font


London - Free Font Download


Manteka Free Fonts Download


Flex - Free Font Download

Bob Font

Bob Font Download

Canter Typeface

Canter Typeface Download


Multicolore - Free Font Download


Tetra Free Font Download

Airbag Typeface

Airbag Free Typeface Download

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