Get a Dream Job: Strategies That Work!

There is no magic in the world which gets you the dream job you desire. The magic lies within you and by implementing some simple strategies you hit the jack pot!

Here is what you can do:


In today’s world the more well-connected you are the more safer and protected you can be in difficult situations. Get connected with professionals from your field and from other areas. It will not only help you stay updated with industry news (a competitive advantage) but would also help you reach career opportunities which others might not be aware of. It can put you one step ahead of others.

Know Your Professional Domain

Whatever field you are in, make sure you are updated and have sound grip on it both conceptually as well as practically. It’s very important and helpful to subscribe to relevant professional magazines and get membership of professional bodies/associations etc. This will give you an opportunity to get valuable insight on the industry developments that are happening and are about to happen. Keep learning in your area!

Know Yourself

It is very important that you know what you are capable of and know competencies. What you want in life and professional career and give yourself a vision. It will not only give you motivation to keep making effort for the best but will also increase your urge to be recognized in your professional field. It will help you narrow down your preferences and enable you to build focus on what exactly you want to achieve from a particular job opportunity, does it suit your person and professional goals and objectives, etc. Once you get your dream job, this very step will also contribute in job satisfaction.

Build Your Profile

Your profile is your face and your face value will only increase if you make it worth reading. There are many professionals who make this common mistake while building their resumes. They use fancy colors, inconsistent font sizes and types, using unprofessional photographs, and poor formatting etc. Use standard templates available widely and easily available online and maintain consistency throughout. Remember, this piece of artifact will give you a competitive advantage in a situation where employers receive hundreds of resumes every day and only a few attract attention. You don’t need to lie or exaggerate facts to attract attention and appear most qualified but do explicitly mention your achievements and milestones that demonstrate your competencies and skill set. Keep it simple and self-explanatory.

Be Confident

When you go for an interview, don’t get nervous just because you are too eager to get this job. If the job is in your fate, you will get it for sure so whats the rush! Give your best shot and leave the rest. Maintain eye contact, sit firmly and comfortably, be attentive, show your interest, be enthusiastic, and maintain a smile on your face.

Communication Skills

This is a particular skills which will sell you for your dream job. Work on your communication skills. Its something which will facilitate your interpersonal skills. Watch your tone (enthusiastic, calm, persuasive), choice of words (professional, avoid slang), listen attentively and answer meaningfully.

There could be several other strategies that you can find but remember, you hold the key to your own success. Give yourself attention and work on improving yourself through continuous learning.

Waqar Sahi

Waqar Sahi has been working as an HR generalist for almost 7 years now and has served some of the top IT companies in the world. Waqar has also been working as a freelance Recruitment consultant and has indepth experience of candidate profiling, career counseling, skill development, profile development, and sourcing techniques.

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