Graphic Designs that are Worth Tons of Money

To perform magic, it’s either you’d need an entire month on perfecting a few magic tricks, you are inherently supernatural or you have unexplainable mind control. Whatever it is, it only shows magic is not that easy, and so is graphic designing.

The truth about most services, one of which is graphic design, is that you receive a kind of service based on the amount that you can pay. Confucius may be one of the proponents of it as it is how the trade has gone ever since. Basically, one can expect that to get the best graphic design services, one must pay up generously and even with the competition among graphic designers and among printing services, no one will charge you for just a penny as the demand is also increasing significantly.

Now the key to a successful graphic design is to get sufficient service for a worthwhile price. This article will feature the most expensive products of graphic designs as well as suggested quotations to help you decide how much should you be charged for future services.


Graphic designs are used in various forms, most commonly on company logos. Most graphic designers charge enterprises with pricey company logos since it requires in-depth research, creativity and originality. Company logos are essential since it would be the emblem of how consumer can remember the company and trust the service it provides.

British Petroleum Logo Design

The world’s most expensive logo is the British Petroleum (BP) logo which is worth $4.6 million when it was created. It is a green and yellow sunflower-looking object with a kaleidoscope effect.

If you don’t intend to beat BP, you can settle for your own logo from $900-$3,000 with experienced graphic designers. It still depends though on the quality and size you wish your logo to be.

Business Cards

Graphic designs are also useful commercially through business cards. Like logos, business cards are good for branding your company, which means the better the design, the better impression you make for potential clients.

Black Astrum Business Card Design

Business cards can range from $350 -$1500 per set of cards. But in the case of Black Astrum’s most expensive business card, it can be produced for $1,500 only this time it’s per card.

Black Astrum Signature Card is designed on a sleek, Swiss metal card lined up with more than 30 carats of diamonds. Furthermore, production of these cards is by invitation only, meaning the production of the card is only granted to limited celebrities and businessmen.

Album Cover Art

Graphic designs are also rampant on cover arts for music albums. So far, its price range is comparable to book cover art which is from $500 to $2500. Most say that one of the most expensive album cover arts is the one on Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti.

Physical Graffiti

The graphic design for Physical Graffiti is inspired by a tenement in New York City with interchangeable images seen through the cut windows. This collaboration between Peter Corriston and Mike Doud was priced for almost £695.00 or $1 084.55.

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