Out of this world illustrations by David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer is a self-taught freelance artist from Switzerland. He started experimenting with creating visuals in the early days of the computer.

With a focus on illustration, and an even tighter focus on intricate detailing David Fuhrer’s high scale artworks are some of the most inspiring and exciting work to flourish from the community. His imagination in unity with his broad library of skills has allowed him to create some of the most out of this world images.

Furhrer’s work is a rare treat for the eyes and mind as the depth of his work is as mesmerizing as the feel that his pieces exude.

The Design Work

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5 Responses

  1. Ffarhann says:

    A great collection of illustrations. I love it

  2. Big6b says:

    I find u r illustrations very innovative and out of the box

    I am awestruck by u r work

  3. I find your collection very amusing. I especially love the design about the earth as a square state and i think that is in a glass. Really great work of art.

  4. Nisha Gandhi says:

    wow amazing illustrations!! 🙂