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Story boarding is a major part of the Pre-Production phase in film making. It helps film directors, cinematographers and commercial advertising clients visualize the scenes and find potential problems before they occur. Storyboards often have arrows and instructions to indicate and represent the movements of objects or characters.

It helps you to organize your film in a more professional way and define story parameters within available resources and time. It also helps to experiment with the storyline to evoke stronger reaction or interest. Flashbacks, for instance, are often the result of sorting storyboards out of chronological order to help build suspense and interest.

The process of visual thinking and planning allows a group of people to brainstorm together, placing their ideas on storyboards and then arranging the storyboards on the wall. This fosters more ideas and generates consensus inside the group.

In today’s post I have designed a storyboard template psd for your pre-production process. I hope you will find this useful for your next project.

Storyboard Template PSD Download For Free

Large Preview | Download PSD

Here you can take a look at few other storyboard samples.

Storyboard Template


Storyboard Samples

Storyboard Example

Film Storyboard

Story Telling through Storyboard

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    great work

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    its awesome site

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  • Great collection. Inspiring work. Keep it up.

  • Very useful thanks. I modified the boxes slightly by adding in 16×9 frame markers since that’s what we mostly shoot in. But this was very helpful for me presenting a video project idea recently. Thanks for posting! It saved me a lot of time.


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  • Designsense Website Designers

    Thanks, great post, we story board all of our web design projects, its the only way to map out the end result and plan what needs to be done. Cheers. Mal