Top 8 Ideas for Developing an Efficient E-commerce Website

E-commerce businesses have a very promising future and so is an effective method of increasing business revenue. By the help of e-commerce your store can be open around the clock and you can reach a global market without the costs of mailings and call centers. But there are plenty of things that you need to consider before designing an e-commerce website, as it is very crucial to attract customers to your website to shop.

Generally the online shoppers are very impatient and get easily annoyed if the website doesn’t live up to their expectations. As there are many e-commerce websites available on the internet, they switch on to other sites and shop and so in this way you might lose out sales. An ecommerce website which offers very attractive prices and is very fast and efficient will always be a hit among the shoppers.

Below are a few important ideas that you should incorporate while developing an e-commerce website.

Have detailed product information:

Have a detailed product information

Online shoppers always look for the details of a product as they can touch and feel it. They always look forward to the details of a product so that they atleast get to know what they are buying in a better. For example if it is a shoe, mention all the sizes and colors available and then give a bit of description on what type of a shoe it is and what is it made up of. All these things will surely help.

Show price at the start:

Show price at the start

Generally people who shop online always go for the price tag. So it would be better if the price is mentioned earlier alongside the product. This would help the customer in making up his mind faster and will save time and in return will make your website more popular.

Categorize and provide ranges:

Categorize and provide ranges:

By the availability of the category section the client can always choose which item he wants to go for and then with availability of a price range he can choose an item in his budget. That will make the process of online shopping faster and easier and so the customer would always look forward to shop from the same website.

Have attractive product images:

Have attractive product images

This will definitely give the online shoppers a better idea of what exactly the product is like. It would be better if you have more than one image of the same product from every angle possible, so that the client is completely satisfied with the product before buying it. This will definitely help you in increasing your sales.

A good shopping cart design:

A good shopping cart design:

Your shopping cart is a very important part of your e-commerce website. It should be user friendly. You should provide the customers with the option of adding multiple products, removing any product if they wish to and it needs to be transparent at the same time. Your shopping cart should be designed in such a way that the customers do not complain. This will help you in increasing your client base.

Offer lucrative discounts:

Offer lucrative discounts

If possible offer discounts on your products, this will definitely attract customers. We all know that the MRP of the products is their maximum retail price and even if you give some discount on it you will still make profit. So if you cut on your profit you will definitely click the right chords with the customers and in this way your client base will increase to great extent. With the increase in client base, there will be an increase in sale and ultimately it makes up for the discounted profit.

The buying process should be user friendly:

The buying process should be user friendly:

Now this is the part where most of the things could go wrong. The transaction process should not take too much of time as the clients are very impatient. Security is a big concern for the customers and if you indulge in taking too much information, they might cancel the transaction and you might lose on sale. So it is better to stick to the basic information and try to make the entire process as user friendly as possible.

Offer more payment options:

Offer more payment options

Most of the e-commerce websites do not offer many payment options, because of which they loose on their potential customers. So if your provide them more payment options such as the use of credit cards, debit cards, bank cards or other paying methods they will definitely choose your website over others. This way you will enhance your sales and so will make more profit.

These were the top 8 ideas for developing an efficient e-commerce website. With quality products and good services your website will definitely gain popularity and will be a huge hit among the online shoppers.

Roxanne Peterson

The above article is composed and edited by RP. She is associated with many technology and logo design communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to technology, business logo design, etc.

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  1. Justin says:

    Great article! E commerce sites should follow your suggestions in order to be successful. I experience many situations where I am planning on making a purchase online and can not figure out how to complete the purchase, or I am frustrated to the point where I no longer purchase the item. Proper design, user friendly site, and transparency are vital to a successful e-commerce site.

  2. Thanks for posting such an nice ideas