38 Creative Magazine Cover Design

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it is also true that a boring cover, using dull typography and stale colours will reduce the chances of it being picked up by readers. An eye-catching cover design will propel people to pick the magazine, sift through it, and possibly even buy it. A creative cover design can therefore be your route to success.

Packaging is important for selling any product and the same thing applies to cover designs of a creative magazine. No matter how good the material  is inside, the fact remains that the reader will reach that material only if he or she gets attracted to something on the cover.

Magazine cover design can contain pictures and headings of the materials enclosed inside. The colours have to be correctly chosen in order to present an overall good impression. It is important to show tag lines of the major stories or material contained in the magazine so that the curiosity of the potential readers can be generated pushing them to buy it.  A visually appealing magazine can really help lure your readers.

When designing a magazine cover, there’s a lot one can do, but this should be done while keeping your target audience in mind. The mood of the material being published inside  should match the mood of the cover design. Simply put, a loud bright magazine cover design will probably not be suitable for a political magazine. However this does not mean political magazine covers should not be appealing to the readers it hopes to entice. Your magazine cover will therefore always have to be designed according to the material published in it.

The cover design should also contain the name of the magazine in true colours with the logo, if any, in order  to establish the long term identity of the magazine so that the readers and easily identify their favorite magazine on the stalls. It is also extremely important to  develop a distinct identity of your magazine cover so that the readers should not confuse it with any other similar product in the market. Two glamour or political magazines offering similar material inside have to establish their respective indentities so that the readers never confuse one with the other .  This has been only be achieved by following a clear and well thought cover design strategy.

Regardless of what you are selling, a creative magazine cover design can help you attract your customers significantly. A collection of creative designs are provided below to give you readers an idea of designs that have been utilized before.

Creative Cover Designs

Magazine Design Cover

Cover Magazine Design

Magazine Cover Designs

Dark Magazine Cover Designs

Cover Designs Idea

Magazine Covers Design

Magazines Cover Design

Creative Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Designs

Dark Cover Design

Dark Creative Cover Design

Creative Magazine Cover


Cover Design Idea

Dark Cover Design

Magazine Cover Designs

Creative Cover Designs

Cover Design

Cover Designs

Magazine Cover Design

Creative Cover Design

Creative Magazine Cover Design

Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Design

Red Magazine Cover Design

Magazine Design Cover

Magazine Design Covers

Artistic Cover Design

Yellow Magazine Cover Design

Creative Magazine Covers Design

Typographic Magazine Covers Designs

Creative Magazine Covers Designs

Magazine Covers Designs

Cover Design

Cover Designs

Typography Magazine Cover Design

Covers Designs

Adobe Photoshop Magazine Cover Design

The Design Work

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  1. Techmaker says:

    Great work. Thanks for sharing such awesome and creative magazine cover designs

  2. Josh Lake says:

    wow, these are amazing. Got to love the artwork for computer arts, the illustrations and typographry on them stand out a look and look really nice with the different colours that are used. but at the same time staying clean so that it gives across a professional feel.

    Cheers for the post, shows some really inspiring work.

  3. Sergio says:

    Really work the Photoshop is boundless

  4. Nitin22m says:

    great !