Why You Should Be Blogging?

If you haven’t made your way into the blogosphere yet then you really should. Blogging not only offers you a chance to interact with other desginers and to vent your anger and frustration about the industry, it also offers you the chance to boost your income and potential project winning rate. Here’s how blogging really can make the difference to your graphic design career:

Get found on Google

Get Found on Google

By blogging a lot about the graphic design industry, you will automatically use keywords associated with your industry, almost without thinking about it. This means that the more you blog using certain keywords and the more your content is looked out then your blog will appear in the search results.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

If you can be found on Google then this means that people searching ‘find graphic designers’ or something similar will also be able to find you, meaning that they may want to use you for their next project. It also lets potential clients see how your designs could help them with a project they are working on at the moment

Are you in the know?

As you blog you will realism that you need new inspirations and more material from which to form your own posts. This allows you to naturally stay up to date with the latest advancements in your area, so that when it comes to showing clients that you are in the know, you can offer them the most current design solutions.

Praise and criticism

By opening yourself up to the design community you are also openly welcoming feedback too from other experienced professionals. Asking friends and family what they think about a project proposal may be the first step but to really gain an objective viewpoint you have to go outside of this close circle to gain good honest feedback, whether good or bad. This way, you will also be prepared for similar praise and criticism when facing clients, so you can counteract what criticisms they may have had.



If you are a regular blogger with a following then you should offer some advertising space to companies who offer services and products that relate to your field. You can also sign up for affiliate programmes so that you will earn a percentage of what people spend on certain sites if they click on the affiliate link through your website. If your blog becomes well known, this extra money can really make a difference in the turbulent freelance market.


When it is possible you should feature your own designs in posts as examples, perhaps when explaining a certain process. You could also mention when designs are on sale. Alternatively you could showcase a set of designs around a certain theme and sell them at a reduced price when people have come through your blog.

There are so many advantages to blogging. Why wait?

Chloe-Louise Lloyd

Louise is from twago, a global online platform where freelancers can find work. She is particularly interested in the freelance industry, especially in regards to graphic design.

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