How to Hire a Graphic Designer who Creates Strong Impact

A good graphics designer can make all the difference to your company’s first impressions.

A logo that aids brand recall, a smartly designed business card, a website that engages –  the person taking care of all these tasks should be able to understand your brand and possess creative and technical chutzpah to translate the idea into powerful designs.

And talking about a job so important, we don’t leave you in the wild…we strive to offer useful information and some easy-to-follow tips!

So if you feel that your logo, business card, letterhead and other corporate identity paraphernalia are missing that little spark, you probably need a good graphic designer to make things take off for your business.

And remember that good designs make a message great!

how to hire a graphic designer

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Key Attributes for a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer must have the following attributes in their portfolio and personality.

Understand what’s required

A designer must have the ability to aptly identify a client’s requirements. Without this quality results cannot be guaranteed.

Deliver the brand’s strategy

Every brand has their own values and goals. If a graphic designer doesn’t comprehend that, they won’t be able to translate those values and strategies into good designs and graphics.

Identify the target market

Different ideas appeal to different segments of society. A marketing approach that works wonderfully for teenagers could be a huge fail for senior corporate executives. So, knowing and properly communicating with your target audience is the key.

Match the employer’s frequency

Whether you’re hiring the graphic designer on a freelance basis or getting the work done through a design agency, you must try to meet with the graphic designer. Explain what you’re looking for and discuss how best to accomplish your objectives.

Online Platforms to Find Graphic Designers

There are plenty of platforms to find graphic designers, as well as other creative artists like photographers, web designers and 3D illustrative designers.

dribble community

Image credit: Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the top platforms that allow graphic designers to showcase their art. It is a global design community for artists who create and share their designs and artwork.

behance website

Image credit: Behance

Behance is another creative community of designers, fashion lovers, photographers, 3D artists and graphic designers who want to share their design resources with the world. It allows designers to message other community members and follow artists.

Freelance Websites to Find Graphic Designers

elance freelancer community

Image credit: Elance

Although Elance  is a freelance platform, you can meet your next favorite graphic designer on this website. Elance is one of the most popular freelancing websites for graphic designers, web developers and content writers.

hire freelancer

Image credit: Freelancer

Freelancer is another website for freelancers and people interested in hiring freelancers for their work. A number of people rely on these freelancing sites to make money online.

Expertise: Softwares to Use

Make sure the graphic designer want to hire knows how to use basic graphic designing software and tools.

adobe photoshop

Image credit: Adobe

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic design, illustrative art designs and creative elements design software for professional graphic designers.

coreldraw software

Image credit: Corel

Corel Draw is another good option for graphic designers. Corel is mostly used for designing business cards, wedding cards, logo, letterheads and other material.

Your Part

What attributes would you like to see in a graphic designer for your office? Will you prefer a part time or a full-time graphic designer?

The Design Work

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