15 Famous Places You Should Visit

Prior planning your summer holidays you must be wondering what could be the famous places which I should visit them this summer. Or may be if not all of them but which of the famous places is possible to reach this summer with your dear ones. Most of us just forget to plan our vacations and just randomly select a place to visit though it is not a bad idea but if it’s planned ahead with a little preparation you would be able to make your vacations one of the memorable ones by visiting world’s top famous places where not much people have been there. Well we thought why not to share some real amazing places which are a must go once in your life time. You shouldn’t miss a chance to see them in case if it’s possible for you to reach there.

No doubt all natural resorts are the most attractive places to be, one always feels very much refreshing while being in natural lush green beauty or blue water falls but however, there are some man-made miracle as well which should not be ignored and at least once in a life time these miracles should be explored as well. If you have been to any of these places where human hand has created wonders believe me you would be addicted to explore further more and more of such wonders on earth. Here we have a collection of some famous places which are a combination of natural beauty and man-made wonders. Have a look and plan to visit some of them as believe me they are really worth it.

1- Santorini – Greek Island

Famous Places

Santorini is officially named as Thira however most of the people know  it by the santorini.  It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world followed by a very traditional architecture. It is Greece’s most spectacular island sitting in the Aegean Sea. The best thing I like about it is the neat white architecture which on having a view just makes you feel as if you are in the fantasy world or may be a painted postcard has come to life. It is very much commercial and crowded by the citizens however this beauty shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

2 – Petra, Jordan

Famous Places - Petra, Jordan

Petra is considered to be one of the ancient mysterious places in Jordan which is only at 3 hours drive from the capital Amman. It is an ancient pink rocky structure which gives you a feel of ancient Arab tribal empire culture. This was built-in first century B.C. Most of these areas are being used as for the shooting of historical movies and dramas as well. Moreover after the making of famous film Indiana Jones this place has been flooded by the tourist from all corner of the world.  It’s a must watch place if you wish to have a feel of ancient middle eastern culture and feel the magic of Arabian nights.

3 – Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Famous Places - Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Well most of us have heard about Niagara Falls and how exciting it is to watch the water bodies falling from a great height. However if you want to see some thing more chilling and exciting you must visit once in your life time the Iguazu Falls which are located somewhere between the Argentina and Brazil where they both meet Paraguay. It’s a divine beauty where a huge cluster of water falls are found falling with high-speed and some time popping up from the lush green origins. There are almost 270 separate falls almost spread over the forest upon 2.7 kilometers of a curving line.  Imagine how many heavenly views you would be able to view here. This is such a refreshing spot that even a look on its photos makes ones feel a great relief. You can reach here easily if you take a flight from Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro. However if you want to enjoy the long drive than definitely it is long bus drive to reach here and the travelers package are very much affordable with all the facilities required.

4– Machu Picchu, Peru

Famous Places - Machu Picchu, Peru

This is very much known to be a lost city of Incas in the base of a mountain which was discovered in the early 20th century by the archeologists. It is said that if you want to see the best stone architectural work you must visit this place as it is a small town which seems to accommodate almost 1200 people in it. You would find temples, agricultural areas and moreover living places there which were constructed in a very structured manner. Its is such a beauty that one really finds himself lost in the fresh air and soothing sunlight watching the beautiful architecture in this part of Peru. Surprisingly there is no roads made to reach this part of the world hence  you have to hike for 2 to 4 days on a famous Inca trial or you can reach here by 4 hour rail journey which leaves city of Cusco every day. Whatever the mode you select the best advice is to spend the night in the base camp and reach this beautiful spot before sunrise to see the real beauty with the magical sunrise effect.

5 – Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Famous Places - Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

If you are in North Africa somewhere than definitely do plan to visit the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. You must have seen lots of photos of these pyramids and almost all of these photos will be similar to the one which is pasted above which gives the idea that  probably these pyramids are located some where in the middle of a huge endless desert . Well actually here you are mislead, as it is on edge of a highly populated city of Giza where near by flows the river Nile. Across the river Nile you will find the capital city Cairo located. Pyramids of Giza are located only 25 km from the central Cairo. Therefore to plan to see the pyramids of Giza is not a very tough job as it requires only half a day. However, they are really worth seeing as they are among the real wonders of the world and once a person it standing at the base of pyramids a very strange feeling is accompanying him, feeling of uncertainty, a myth, and un known story hidden within these pyramids.

6 – Great Wall of China

Famous Places - Great Wall of China, Egypt

On a distance of almost 70 kilometer away from the most populated city Beijing you would find the great structure of China wall which is no doubt one of the worth seeing place in the world and is known to be among the living seven world wonders. It is such a huge architectural structure that while climbing the great wall you would not feel like that you have climbed up the wall rather a strange feeling of conquering the great china wall will follow your heart. It is no doubt a huge structure which cannot be encompassed by single vision whatever tools or gadget you try to use. The surprising fact is that this structure has not yet been completely conquered and its length is being discovered periodically.  Initially it was said that its length vary from 1,500 to 31,250 miles but later after including all it branches its estimated to be nearly about 4,500 miles long.

7 – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Famous Places - Great Barrier Reef, Australia

If you are a big fan of exploring life under water then you must visit for once the world largest and most diversely populated coral reef which is found in Australia is known to be Great barrier reef. It is so much huge in size as it is the only reef visible from the orbit of the earth. It is known to be a vast collection of 3000 reefs and 600 islands which are spread about 1250 miles along the northern coast of Australia. You will find dolphins and whales living there. Green turtles are also very much found there. Interestingly there is a huge number of species of birds, fishes, mollusks and corals are found there. Australian government is taking certain important measures to save this coral life from being instinct due to the increasing water temperature and other effects of ecosystem.

8- Alps of Switzerland

Famous Places - Alps of Switzerland

In case if you wish to see the Divine beauty of lush green alps  and the peace full feeling which soothes your entire soul then do definitely visit the alps of Switzerland. I personally feel that these alps take you to the fantasy world of Anna swell where Heidi with her grandpa would be living at the top of one of the alps located near by.The beauty of the glacier carved valleys and the breathtaking peeks of huge mountains covered with snow gives you the feel of purity . The jingle sounds of the cows adds to your imaginations of may be finding Heidi and her friend peter somewhere along with the herd. Besides the beauty of the Alps , the divine sinful chocolate of Switzerland adds on to the magic of alps.

9- Jaipur – Pink City

Famous Places - Jaipur - Pink City

When we talk about India the ultimate view-point which comes to our mind is the Agra’s Taj Mahal. But hold on there are still many places in India which you have not explored and probably if you plan to go there you might like much more than viewing a Taj Mahal. Well this place is also known to be the pink city which is very famous for its architecture and the pink colored building. It is said that in old times in 1986 this city was painted completely in pink to welcome Prince Albert and later on the residents so much so liked it that they never wanted to be changed as this made it a very hot spot for the tourism. Since than it is known to be as a Pink City. Jaipur being a part of India’s largest states is very rich in its traditions and culture in the mid of desert. Every one who has once been to Jaipur always admires the culture shows and the pink architecture observed there.


Famous Places - Venice

Venice the jewel city of Italia is very much known to be the floating city. This divine city is built on 118 tiny islands and a huge network of waterways. Thus you can say mostly there the only medium of transportation is the water surrounding all the buildings houses and market near by. However, due to the geological conditions the city is sinking at the rate of 2.5 inches per decade thus you can say that in case it is not saved by taking the preventive measure this could be considered to be instinct .

To be in Venice is such a versatile experience where the feeling while floating around in the city is initially very uncertain. Just imagine the place where you are standing is sinking at a low pace every year and might be some day it is considered as a lost city under water. However, besides this the part which I like the most is when the boatman take you along the city through thin canals. There you will find some floating restaurants as well where you can stop your boat and have your lunch or dinner in the near by floating restaurant and then continue your journey in the water body. Beside other enchanting places of Italy, Venice is also a very excellent spot to be visited.

11- Dubai

Famous Places - Dubai

It is one of the very few places where you can find people from almost all possible cultures and origin under one roof. Indeed this place is a  living miracle of converting a very deserted place into one of the famous shopping spots and definitely entertaining spots. There are number of places which one should visit there but the must see one is the safari drive and the dancing fountains. Well if you love to see the real desert and the feel of dancing Arabian nights in the mid of desert than it’s a must see. There are number of tourism agencies which organize the safari desert trip so beautiful that it really becomes a life time experience. The day is full of thrilling drive in the desert on the land cruisers and at night you find you self relaxing in a tent served with delicious eatables and accompanied by a beautiful dancing lady all dressed up to spread the spell of Arabian nights. However the trip to Dubai is incomplete if you missed to see the dancing fountains. You can find the dancing fountains at the base of the tallest building in the world Burg Khalifa where there is number of excellent restaurant  located around the fountain area. It’s such a breathtaking view that if you just stop by these fountains you will not realize how fast  the three hours time passed by.

12- South African Safari – Sabi Sabi

Famous Places - South African Safari - Sabi Sabi

Want to see the real wild life in front of you , so never ever miss to have a look on south African safari park Sabi Sabi which will give you the feel of the real wild life and its real beauty which perhaps is hundred time more than that captured by the eyes of camera. Here you will get the chance to view the big animals species of lion, leopard, rhino, elephants and buffalo. But more than these huge animals you will also find the groups of zebra, giraffe, cheetah, monkey, baboon, antelope etc. Moreover you will not only enjoy sight-seeing of the wild animals rather the wild flora will also attract you due to its uniqueness and strange outlook.

13- Rome

Famous Places - Rome

If you are found of exploring the historic places and especially the time of Renaissance than surely you must visit Rome and see the beauty painted and crafted by Leonardo and Michelangelo. You will find there the most historic imperial temples, christian churches, Etruscan tombs, the Vatican. More over don’t forget to visit the Trevi fountain and make a wish by throwing the coin. You will find the worlds greatest sculptures there almost at every corner. In short it is the real place where architecture, sculpture, painting, sketching was born and flourished.

14 – Tikal, Guatemala

Famous Places - Tikal, Guatemala

If you are a great lover of watching the ruins and hearing the roar of the howling monkeys which literally is no lesser the roar of lion then you must visit the Mayan ruins which are located just around the boundaries of the Tikal national park deep in a rainforest. It is located in the northern Guatemala. You have to start your trip in the early morning by taking a bus ride of half a day from the Belize City or you can also catch a flight from the Guatemala City. These ruins are located on an island on a distance of 30km away from a small town located on the island lake called Flores.

15 – Antarctica

Famous Places - Antarctica

Want to be on a coldest and windiest part on the planet earth then you must visit the earths southern most continent Antarctica. You should visit this land of ultimates only if you love experiencing the adventures.  Once you have reached there the instant feeling which touches your heart is that as if you are on another planet and humans can definitely not belong to this place. In order to be on the wild extremes of Antarctica you can be on the deck of a cruise ship, from where you can view the penguins , seals and the beauty of white glaciers. It is a magical place to be  which gives you the real feeling of being out of this world.

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