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Flat Icon Design

35+ Examples of Modern Flat Icon Design

The latest icon design trend is flat icon design. Flat icon designs tend to be minimalistic, don’t have flashy animations, and feature crisp edges with a simplified look. These icon designs are two-dimensional with flat illustrations. The underlying idea in flat icon design is an emphasis on simplicity and usability. This post contains 35+ examples of modern flat icon designs. Hope you’d find them attractive and inspiring.

coming soon page design

20+ Best Examples of Coming Soon Page Design

Among couple of pages whose design cannot be over looked at all are the coming soon pages. When it comes to design a coming soon page the designers are always in search of some out of the box ideas in order to deliver the best they can. The best coming soon pages are the one which grab the attention of any passing by person irrespective of his age or which segment they belong. The designer succeeds when even a lay man calls up the contact number and seeks the information of the coming soon page. Some time the coming soon design is just crowded with vibrant hues and some times they are as simple as a black background with minimum letters displayed on it.

Inspiring Examples of Street Photography

You must have heard the word street photography a lot during couple of last years. Most of you might be thinking that this is a very newly evolved piece of art. Though, street photography is being considered as a recently evolved piece of an art. The whole credit of this misconception goes to the vast wide world of internet as recently a lot of content has been uploaded up there. People find a good number of information regarding the street photos and very interesting blogs developed on the similar content.

A Showcase of Beautiful Mobile App Icons

Before Apple released the iPhone, well-designed mobile software was a rarity. User interfaces were awkward and clumsy, and web and desktop software design was light years ahead. The iPhone changed all of this – with Apple’s obsessive focus on gorgeous design, people’s standards for what they expected out of their mobile device were raised.

About Pages Design

25 Creative and Interesting About Pages Design

Among the number of website pages the one which holds the major importance for all the stakeholder is the about pages. The very first question which is being asked to the designer is what would be the design of the about page. What would be the basic theme of the about page design? How creatively the designer will design the about us page? What creative design would be incorporated in the over all website and especially the about page? So surprisingly these are the major initial concerns of the stakeholder when they get their website being developed by any designer, whether he is an internal employee or a consultant.

Night Club Website Designs

40 Nightclub Websites to See Before You Go Dancing Tonight

Most of the nightclubs are designed in vivid colors with bright smooth elements. And do you know how web designers arrange nightclub websites? I bet the truth will surprise you! Look through the round-up of 40 nightclub websites to find out some trends. Or you can spend a few minutes to know more about disco sites peculiarities that I’ve already noted. So choose what you like.

Contact Page Design

25+ Beautiful Examples of Contact Page Designs

Have you ever wondered the importance of the contact page design of websites? Do the design of contact pages really effect the over all business of a website? Well if you think deep into this context you will definitely get a positive answer to this. After all the contact page has got the major information through which your prospective clients or users are about to reach you.

3d Websites Designs

35+ Impressive Examples of 3d Websites

As it is the era of 3D and any thing which has got a glimpse of 3D in it is selling like a hot cake. Whether it’s a 3D greeting card or a 3D Painting or may be a 3D web design and above all the 3D movies, all of them have captured a good market share. Even the kids are madly wondering about the 3D cinemas and planning when they would be watching their next 3D movie.