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Hello designers! Today we’ll be bringing you some very clean and simple web designs for your web design inspiration. In our previous posts about web design, you have seen several examples on how to create brilliant websites and given you excellent resources for your inspiration. All the award-winning international websites from the world over have a few things in common and that is the rule you must live by if you want to get ahead in the business of web design – the rule is to always be fresh and creative with your design. No matter what your website is about, the design should be creative and fun and should be unconventional.

When you’re researching for your peer websites and look at your competition, you’ll notice some of them following a pattern; if you want your design to really grab the market then go for what nobody else is going for. Experiment and learn with new things, and you’ll see the results right away. With these clean web designs you’ll notice a simple and clean approach to design that can look modern and sophisticated or classic and vintage at the same time.

With so much competition on the web, you have to keep your design fresh and interesting and the best thing about simple websites following a clean and simple design approach is that not only is it visually appealing but it’s easier to navigate and doesn’t bore or overwhelm the viewer with a lot of information or images all at once. Following a minimalist approach, these clean and simple web designs will look great for professional services, luxury products, beauty, fashion, interior design and architecture, food and lots more. Browse through these amazing designs below and tell us what you think!


Simple Website Designs

Ten & Bourne

Simple Website Design

Melbourne Promotions

Simple Websites Designs


Simple Web Design

Rules by Mary

Simple Web Designs

Bradley Haynes

Simple Websites


Simple Website


simple designs


clean website designs


clean web designs


Simple Website Design


Simple Design

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