Best Music Videos of 2013

Hello there designers! Hope you all are doing really great and had fun over the holidays. To welcome in the New Year and mark off new beginnings, we thought, why not extend the fun and bring entertainment back to after-holiday work? So, today we’ll be sharing with you an awesome collection of some of the best music videos from around the web! Music video isn’t just a music video, it becomes part and parcel of the singer’s identity and it is no wonder then that videographers, directors and multimedia artists and designers are so sought after for this purpose. A designer knows and identifies the potential a music video can have for his professional growth as an artist and therefore, you should make it a point to watch music videos whenever you get the chance – starting from, right NOW!

As you browse through this collection of amazing music videos, you’ll see lots of experimentation and different styles that you can definitely identify and, hopefully, take inspiration from. To start off, see how the music is in harmony with the design and overall concept; definitely something that you need to look out for. Get ready to go into a trance with these groovy tunes and their even groovier music videos!

Halil Sezai ‘Garip’



MC Fitti – Whatsapper

Howlin’ Wolf “Evil” Music Video

Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Music Video

Laura Jansen / Golden

Poncho “Tiki Tiki” Music Video

KaapiN – Taxi Taxi (Part 1)

Breaking Convention

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