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39 Inspiring Free Hand Drawn Fonts

The latest trend of using hand drawn fonts while designing web pages is very much being noticed nowadays. Most of the time web designers are often found in search of some fabulous free fonts to add the wow factor to their pages and grab the maximum attention of the visitors. The best characteristic of these hand drawn fonts is that they add a very warm emotional effect to the designs. It seems that someone has taken pain to design such fonts as they are very much close to the nature and heart. Thus a very lively effect is added to designs by incorporating such fonts.

20+ Cool New Free Fonts

Letters, like words, have a character. At least that’s the case for creative people. Marketers, writers, designers use letters as a vehicle of not merely a ‘bare conversation to convey basic meaning’. They consider these letters as a medium to convey a feeling that goes far beyond the literal meaning. In this post I’m going to share a set of cool new free fonts. I hope these free fonts will be a useful addition to your fonts library. Feel free to download these fonts.

40 Free Vintage and Retro Fonts

Once again the designers are tilted towards the retro fonts. They try to add-on a diversified feature by using vintage and retro fonts in their designs. It is very much noticed that people get attracted towards the retro vintage effects. It is not only limited to the web designs only rather even the restaurants have got their menu cards and the brand name printed in this eye-catching font.

30 Extremely Useful Free Heading Fonts

As there are numerous free fonts available out there, so we thought why not to share with you the best heading fonts available. Since we know the importance of heading fonts and its impact on the viewers and the readers, we have already published number of posts in which we have shared some interesting fonts with you. However, in our opinion still there is a need to add many more stylish fonts to do justice in the field of typography. Our objective is to provide you with wonderful collection of free fonts which can address your requirements when it comes to fonts.

Cool Calligraphy Fonts Free Download

Have a wedding coming up? Need to design a wedding card? Looking for an elegant look for your business card? Have a few certificates to design? Or want to create an original hand-writing feel for a video project? Or just experimenting with graphic designs? Then look no further, because these beautiful free calligraphy fonts will undoubtedly strike the right balance between beauty, elegance and style!

Typography Apps for iPhone and iPad

Typography can be defined as the appearance of characters on a page, or the activity of preparing text for printing. While typography is generally studied by authors, journalists, and copywriters, typography can be a very interesting subject for just about anyone. With the age of mobile technology, many people are using their iPhones and iPads for their research both at home and on the go. For this reason, a few companies have created typography apps that can be purchased from the iTunes store for both the iPhone and the iPad.

5 Elements that Make a Font Successful

5 Elements that Make a Font Successful

If you’re anything like me, you can get a bit obsessive when it comes to typography. Sometimes subtle, but often critical, the font selection for a piece can make or break it. But not every font is destined to be successful. Whether you are considering designing your own fonts for a brochure printing or committing a brand to a particular font family, there are a few elements of a successful font that you may want to know.