Amazing Pictures of Pakistan

Pakistan which is Persian for “The Land of the Pure” has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. There is a lot more to Pakistan than just confused suicide bombers or angry young cricket captains. The picture that has been painted of Pakistan is predominantly black. The proceeding collection of amazing pictures from all over the country are a proof of the fact that there are a lot more colours in the Picture of Pakistan. Pakistan-which is home to almost 170 million muslims, The second largest muslim country in the world. Pakistan which is home to the second highest peak in the world-K-2. It has Five out of the 14 mountain peaks in the world of height over 8000 meters.

The sun rises every day and shines on the this conglomerate of a wide variety of landscapes ; from the sandy beaches of the makran coast to the snowy peaks of the himalayas. This amazing collection of pictures from Pakistan would take you through a tour of Pakistan. You would feel the crispness of the sands on the Makran beach on your way, You would feel the coolness of the Himalayan wind , You would feel the warmth of the hospitality that the people of Pakistan have to offer, you would feel calmness occupy you as the mystrey of spiritualism unfolds at the shrines of sufi saints. This collection of pictures of amazing Pakistan capture its raw beauty from the lofty mountains in the north to the fertile plains of the Indus valley- which is where one of the oldest known human civilization was born.

This collection of the pictures of amazing Pakistan give you a hands on experience of the way in which nature has blessed this land with a glimpse of its beauty. This is a unique assortment of pictures that have captured, like never before, the essence of life in the “Land of The Pure” and transformed it onto the screen and is being shared with you.

The idea is to bring the real Pakistan to you, the Pakistan that you have not seen on TV, the Pakistan that is and has been and always would be. These amazing sights and views have been captured on camera and a statement has been made about this amazingly beautiful piece of land.

Katas Raj Temple

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 01

Katas Raj Temple. Located 40 km from Chakwaal in salt range of Pakistan.

This is one of many forts, temples, and places of historical and archeological interest in the Salt Range, Punjab province of Pakistan, as this was part of the Hindu Kingdom of Kashmir in 10 AD. It’s been nominated for UNESCO world heritage site. Very popular among tourists.

Photographed by: Abdul Wahid

Hingol National Park of Baluchistan

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 02

Is this Grand Canyon or Texas?

No. It’s Hingol National Park of Baluchistan, Pakistan. It got Mysterious Mud mountains, beautiful blue water Hingol river, desert and deep blue Arabian sea. [3.5 hrs drive from Karachi on Makran coastal highway]

Picture Credit: Unknown.


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 03

Cold Desert of Skardu in Pakistan.

This is one of the most beautiful tourists attraction of Northern areas of Pakistan. There are huge sand plains in Skardu. In the background you can see snow covered mountains. This is also the highest desert of world. Even Pakistanis don’t know about this beautiful desert!

Photographed by: Yasir Nisar.

Rohri to Quetta

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 04

This is an amazing view of a tunnel and bridge over a river on the railway track from “Rohri to Quetta”.

This track passes through 20 tunnels and over 368 bridges. It’s the longest Railway gradient of world, and most scenic Railway ride of Asia. This track also extends from Quetta to Turkey through Iran!

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Astola Island

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 05

Near Pasni Baluchistan 40 km from shore. Astola is Pakistan’s largest offshore island and the only significant offshore island in the northern Arabian Sea.

Author: wetlandsofpakistan

Mud Volcano

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 06

In Pakistan there are more than 80 active mud volcanoes, all of them in Baluchistan province; there are about 10 locations having clusters of mud volcanoes. In this region, the heights of mud volcanoes range between 800 to 1,550 feet (243.8 to 472.4 m). The most famous is Chandaragup. The biggest crater found at 25°33’13.63″N. 65°44’09.66″E is about 450 feet (137.16 m) in diameter. Most mud volcanoes in this region are situated in out-of-reach areas having very difficult terrain. Dormant mud volcanoes stand like columns of mud in many other areas. These volcanoes keep the region save from any huge disaster.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Lansdowne Bridge of Rohri

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 07

Lansdowne Bridge of Rohri, Pakistan.

A marvel of nineteenth century engineering, the ‘longest “rigid” girder bridge in the world’ at that time, was begun in 1887. Designed by Sir Alexander Meadows Rendel, the girder work weighing a massive 3,300 tons was erected by F.E. Robertson, and Hecquet.

It is one of it’s own kind and gives a glimpse of Sydney Harbor bridge.

Author: Agha Waseem Ahmed

Nanga Parbat

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 08

It is the ninth highest mountain on Earth and among the eight-thousanders with a summit elevation of 8,126 meters (26,660 ft). It is also an immense, dramatic peak that rises far above its surrounding terrain.

Photo Credit: Unknown


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 09

It is the second-highest mountain on Earth, only after Mount Everest. It has a peak elevation of 8,611 m [28,251 feet]!!!

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Old Ruins, Basharat

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 10

These mysterious old ruins [puraney mandir] are located near Pind Dadan Khan, Chakwal. The locals have many interesting stories to share. And yes, you are advised to see this place in the day light only.

Photographed by: Farhan Nawaz


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 11

The present day Makran derived its name from Maka, a satrap of Achaemenid Empire. Maka was an important early eastern satrapy of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire.

The narrow coastal plain rises very rapidly into several mountain ranges. Of the 1,000 km coastline, about 750 km is in Pakistan.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Rice Fields, KKH

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 12

Rice is one of the major exports of pakistan. Pakistan produces worlds most favorite rice. the Basmati Rice. There are also many other types of rice grown in the country.

The crop of rice is completly done manually. It is a culture feast to see the different stages of rice while travelling in Pakistan.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Uli Biaho Tower

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 13

It is a peak near Trango Towers and Baltoro Glacier in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It consists of two main peaks, Uli Biaho Tower (listed by Roskelley as 19,957 feet, and by Kopold as 6109 m (20,058 feet)); and Uli Biaho Peak (Kopold: 6417 m), which as of 2006 was unclimbed.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Village Halmet, Neelum Valley

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 14

Neelum Valley is definitely another hidden pearl of Pakistan. No other valley in Kashmir can compare this valley and even most of the Pakistanis know little about it and have little visited there.

Photographed by: Heartkins

Gadani Beach

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 15

This beach is on the Arabian Sea located near the Hub River and Cape Monze in Gadani, Lasbela District, Balochistan, Pakistan.

Gadani Beach is the location of Gadani ship-breaking yard, which is one of the world’s largest ship-breaking yards.

Picture Credit: Unknown.


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 16

Mordor, the darker side of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Baltoro region in Pakistan.

The trough of this glacier is very wide. Small valley glaciers form icefalls where they meet the trunk glacier. The sidewalls vary from very steep to precipitous. The glacier has carved striations on the surrounding country rocks. The glacier can be approached via the important Balti town of Skardu.

Picture Credit: Unknown.


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 17

It was a fort in eastern flanks of Salt Range in Punjab, Pakistan. It was ruled by a Hindu Shahi family. It was built on a hilly range and it’s ruins are present.

The greatest Persian scholar Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī calculated the circumference of earth here 1000 years ago. He found the Potohar Plateau so flat that he could see the curvature of earth and decided this would be the ideal place to calculate the circumference of earth.His calculation is only 80miles short of modern day digital precision tools calculation and how he did it a millennium ago is mind boggling.

Photographed by: Farhan Nawaz

Gondogoro La Trek

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 18

Gondogoro La is a true adventure destination and one needs to be flexible and be prepared for the unexpected!

This pass has one of the most overwhelming mountain panoramas anywhere in the world, with all of the Karakoram’s 8000m peaks close at hand. Crossing this pass requires good judgement, commitment, top fitness, prior acclimatisation and basic mountaineering skills of all visitors.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Silk route, on the way to Gilgit

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 19

For centuries, Gilgit has been the stopping point on the Silk Route as caravans journeyed south from Kashgar. Chinese monks returning from pilgrimages in India in the 5th century found Buddhism widely practiced in Gilgit. Hinduism came to the area around the 10th century, followed by Islam two hundred years ago.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

The Hindu Kush

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 20

It is an 800 km (500 mile) mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. The highest point in the Hindu Kush is Tirich Mir (7,708 m or 25,289 ft) in the Chitral region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

It is also calculated to be the geographic center of population of the world.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

The Hunza Valley

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 21

It is a mountainous valley in Gilgit in the Gilgit-Baltistan autonomous region of Pakistan. The Hunza valley is situated to the north of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 2,500 metres (8,200 ft). The territory of Hunza is about 7,900 square kilometres (3,100 sq mi).

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Satpara Lake

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 22

It is an important lake in Skardu Valley which supplies water for the town of Skardu, which is located at 2,636 meters (8,650 ft). It is one of the most picturesque lakes in the world.

A story is attached with this lake by local people that there is gold mine in the bottom of this lake, that is why its water seems shining in the day time.

Picture Credit: Unknown.


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 23

The Kingdom which is seldom visited known as Karakorum, Pakistan.

The Karakoram and the Himalaya are important to Earth scientists for several reasons. They are one of the world’s most geologically active areas, at the boundary between two colliding continents. Therefore, they are important in the study of plate tectonics.

A significant part, 28-50% of the Karakoram Range is glaciated, compared to the Himalaya (8-12%) and European Alps (2.2%). Mountain glaciers may serve as an indicator of climate change, advancing and receding with long-term changes in temperature and precipitation.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Fizza Ghat

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 24

Located in Central Swat, Fizza Ghat is an amazing place around the river Swat. Facing the Hindukush Mountain range, it’s a totally enchanting spectacle leaving you falling short for words to describe the true essence of it’s beauty.

The mountains facing Fizza Ghat are one of the greatest reserves of Emeralds in the world.

Photographed by: Povinda Chaudhry

Kandol Lake

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 25

2 hours drive and then 3 hours hiking on the exciting and dangerous riverside takes you to this destination from Kalaam city. You will witness such scenery in the world which you will not find anywhere in the world!

Photographed by: Syed Muhammad Ahsan

Rohtas Fort

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 26

Rohtas Fort is a formidable structure built over hillocks and looking out at what is left of Jhelum river, Grand Trunk Road runs from Calcutta to Kabul. It is one of the best known highways of the ancient times and still lot of travelers wish to travel by it.

Today, Rohtas is the pride of Pakistan and one of the eight World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

Photographed by: Talal

Gojal, Upper Hunza

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 27

Suspension bridge crossing in the rocky valley in Gojal, upper Hunza, Pakistan. Need we say something more? Crossing it can turn out to be the biggest dare of your life.


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 28

Dudipatsar is a relatively unknown place in Pakistan that has a long, narrow valley between 14,000+ feet mountains. Wild horses and other animals roam about. No humans to be found. The place is unbelievably beautiful.

Picture Credit: Unknown.


Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 29

It stands over 3,000 metres [9,800 ft] above much of the glacial valley bottoms at its base. More extraordinary is the fact that it is a consistently steep pyramid, dropping quickly in almost all directions.

The north side is the steepest: there it rises over 3,200 metres [10,500 ft] above the K2 [Qogir]. Glacier in only 3,000 metres [9,800 ft] of horizontal distance. In most directions, it achieves over 2,800 metres [9,200 ft] of vertical relief in less than 4,000 metres [13,000 ft].

Skiing on K2 – the ultimate adventure!

Picture Credit: Unknown.

Jain Temples

Amazing Pictures of Pakistan 30

The ruins of about half a dozen Jain temples can be found in Nagarparkar Taluka in Sindh. Nagarparkar is at the Pakistan-India border, is in the middle of the Thar desert.

Picture Credit: Unknown.

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