Women Body Paintings By ColorBlind Artist


Can a colorblind artist play with colors and make an amazing piece of art? You must be thinking how he could, because red, green and many other colors are just yellowish for him, but what if we say that we’ve seen such extra-ordinary colorblind artist, who has been making wonderfully awesome paintings, which include perfect use of colors? Unbelievable, isn’t it? But it is true. Yeah we are talking about the legend from Pakistan, Mr. Saeed Akhtar.

Saeed Akhtar, a colorblind artist, was born in 1938 and is Pakistan’s foremost portrait painter. He started gaining prominent during the late 1970s and the 1980s. He is famous for his paintings like beautiful Pegasus and a flying horse with exquisitely rendered wings. His paintings on women body are his masterpieces and an unbelievably marvelous work from him being colorblind.

It is our honour that Mr. Saeed Akhtar shared with us his masterpieces on women body paintings, which we are happy to show you in this collection. You will surely love his work and praise it undoubtedly just like we do. Please give us your feedback, if you are amazed and dazzled by women body paintings of this colorblind legend.

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Skipping Girl, Female Figure Painting

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Self Female Body Painting

Red & Yellow

Red and Yellow Female body Painting

Rajhistani Girl

Rajhistani Girl Painting

Rajhistani Girl II

Rajhistani Girl II

Rajhistani Couple

Rajhistani Couple Painting

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Female Painting

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Girl Standing

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Lying Girl

Lying Girl Painting

Lets Play

Lets Play Female Figure Painting

Girl With Pigeons

Girl With Pigeons

Girl With Mirror

Girl With Mirror Painting

Girl on Jhoola

Girl on Jhoola Painting

Girl on Jhoola II

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Girl on Chair

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Girl in Woods

Girl in Woods, Female Figure Painting

Girl in Woods II

Girl in Woods II, Female Figure Painting

Female Figure Painting

Female Figure Painting

Female Figure Painting II

Female Figure Painting II

Female Figure Painting III

Female Figure Painting III

Female Figure Painting IV

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Dancing Beauty

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Titli, Female Figure Painting


Shehzadi, Female Figure Painting

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7 Responses

  1. sanjukta says:

    beautiful.Ijust love these realistic woks.

  2. Ritakriti says:

    These are just superb.