A Beautiful Set of Calligraphy Paintings

Calligraphy is a type of visual art. Sometimes we call it fancy lettering and now a days calligraphy is very much in logo design, font design, religious art, etc.

M Ghazanfar Ali is a Pakistan based calligraphy artist. God gifted him a great aesthetic sense which he beautifully used on the canvas. His inspiration was Gulgee and Bashir Mojad. Here i found some of his beautiful paintings which i would like to share with you all. Take a look and submit your comments.


calligraphy art

quran versus




lailaha ila anta subhanaka


subhaan allah




allah ho akbar

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subhan allah

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5 Responses

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  3. Tentative Deadlines says:

    These are beautiful MashaAllah

  4. Danger Mirza says:

    i like this your paintings