Author: Asif Aleem

Stockfresh comes in handy when you need cool images for your projects

Stockfresh comes in handy when you need cool images for your projects

That deadline is looming closer and closer, and you need some great-looking images to speak a thousand words. You have to find them fast, and at the best possible price. It’s not the first time this happens, and it probably won’t be the last. So, what can you do to minimize the effort and the expense that come with the whole process? I came across this microstock agency that might just be the best long-term antidote to all of that hassle.

Random Pictures Inspiration #1

Randomness is a powerful force in our lives. But being random is not necessarily a bad thing. This can add a surprise element to our predictable and mundane routines and temporarily take our minds off the boring daily tasks. I think random pictures can have the same effect on us. Every new random picture provides us with a window to look into a fresh face of this universe.

Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

29 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Sun, sand, surf? Well, we say heaven on earth. That is exactly what you will think of these beautiful beach pictures that we are sharing with you today. As everyone is gearing up for vacations and looking up travel destinations across the world, why not make some plans yourself, and kick start your holiday plans to one of these beautiful beaches?

Free Metro UI Style PSD Template

Free Metro UI Style Web Design PSD Template

If you are a designer and you are always on the look out for new and happening ideas, here’s a little something for you…. Metro UI. I have designed a sample Web template using Metro UI. Any designer can design a website using this free Metro UI style web design PSD template. I have shared this as a small token of my appreciation for the design community and I hope you will have fun while working with it. Let the creative juices flow!!!!

Google Talk Concept Design PSD

Freebies of the Month (August 2012)

The 8th freebie pack-of-the-month is here! This freebie pack contains textures, gradients, web backgrounds, UI elements, video player, browser design, IM software design, and vector icons. I have been encouraged by your response to the freebie packs I have shared in the past. I’m confident you’d find this freebie pack just as useful.

35+ High Quality Free Plastic Texture

While working on a Web application dashboard UI, I tried some plastic texture backgrounds and got some outstanding results. So here I am with 35+ high quality free plastic texture collection that I think can be very helpful for UI designers.

20+ Cool New Free Fonts

Letters, like words, have a character. At least that’s the case for creative people. Marketers, writers, designers use letters as a vehicle of not merely a ‘bare conversation to convey basic meaning’. They consider these letters as a medium to convey a feeling that goes far beyond the literal meaning. In this post I’m going to share a set of cool new free fonts. I hope these free fonts will be a useful addition to your fonts library. Feel free to download these fonts.

Windows-Style Mobile Dashboard

Freebies of the Month (July 2012)

Yes! Time to share yet another pack of freebies! This is the seventh monthly freebies pack I’m sharing with you. As you may well know I’m running a blog,, where I share downloadable free design resources I create.