27 Flower Logo Design Ideas


All flowers have a meaning. Throughout the history, flowers have been used as a symbol to express feelings, emotions, and identity. A floral logo is itself a message in your design that expresses your unique vision.

A custom designed flower logo can communicate the true message of your business to your potential customers, vendors and partners. In order to stay in the good books of your customers a custom flower logo design can help symbolize your identity.

Your flower logo should be designed after a thorough research to come up with your unique corporate identity which can give you an edge over your competitors.

A professional logo designer who knows the best use of fonts, colors symbols and other design elements comes up with flower logo design ideas that result in fresh, elegant and classy logos that perfectly fit with the customer demands.

Here we have a list of flower logo design ideas that we have found which will surely tickle your creative senses and inspire you.

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    I have a half dozen flower arranging books and this one is the most direct, informative and useful as far as the basic vocabulary and styles of arranging. Excellent.

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  • Little Kouru Kawaii

    I’m attracted with the flower butterfly logo.Can I use it for my on-line boutique since I am doing my personal business.This kind of flower kinda lovely and looks very feminine.Since I’m not a feminine type of person I think this one will attract my customer.Can I use them for my logo pls.

    Reply me soon


  • new_york_night

    Are you people actually asking if you can just take the logos to use as your company logo for free??
    Don’t you realize that a) it is the intellectual property of the designer and b) that nothing is free?