Wix Review: Take Time to Explore Wix Free Templates

Wix.com, is a free website builder, which provides you with everything you need in order to build your site. Building your own website via a good website builder makes good sense. First of all, they’re cost effective, and you wind up saving thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on hiring a web designer. Second, once you get involved in creating a website for your business or brand, you’ll feel in control; this can ultimately result in a better website, where you’ll get the feel and look you’ve always envisioned. Third, you don’t have to know code, since all of them use a simple drag-and-drop technology which allows you to create your content easily. And finally, you can create multiple sites for free, and enjoy good support systems if you get into trouble or lack inspiration. Here we’ll talk about Wix, while focusing on their rich template selection and Editor.

Free Website Builder

Once you enter Wix, click on the “Create” tab. This will take you the website templates page, where you’ll be able to find a template that suits your needs.

Don’t feel you have to be limited by your own industry. If you’re a photographer, for example, explore the Wedding, Creative Arts and the Design categories as well. You may find your inspiration there.

If you like particular templates, click the “View” button, and then click the “Read More” from the menu on the top. A box will open up, explaining who this template’s good for, its difficulty level and price.

If none of these templates “does it” for you, you can always choose a blank template from the category on top. This particular category provides you with six blank templates, each with its own layout.

Pick Wix Template

Once you pick a template, you can start to customize your site. Each template affords a certain structure and layout, of course, but you can always add and remove pages, play with fonts, layouts and styles, and add many features and apps for free. Keep in mind, however, that these templates were created by professional developers who know a thing or two about what a photography, wedding or artist website should look like, and what categories they should include.

The Editor doesn’t take long to master, since its drag-and-drop interface is highly intuitive. If you get into trouble while trying to add a component or play with one, just click on the “Learn More” link on each of the icons on the left hand menu. This will open up a very focused and helpful Help Center.

Wix App Market

Wix offers many features and add-ons for free, and you can explore them in the Wix App Market by clicking on the last icon of your left-hand menu. You’ll find tons of social apps, forms, galleries and market tools for free.

If you want to own your own domain and add a Shopping Cart for your ecommerce website, you’ll need to upgrade your site. Packages start at $4.08 a month to $16.17 a month for yearly deals, or $5.95 to $19.90 for monthly deals. The basic premium package will connect you with a private domain, while the more costly packages offers more storage space and bandwidth, and the removal of Wix brands ads.

Get Your Own Domain

You can also purchase your domain name with Wix.com. That way you can deal with all your web related activities in one place, instead of having to go to different sites to manage everything.

Our final point is this: Take your time in exploring both the templates page when you enter Wix, and its myriad of free features and apps. Wix is particularly rich not only in its number of templates and free apps, but in their versatility as well. You never know where your inspiration may come from.

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