Wix.com – A 360° Solution Provider to Photographers in their Website Building

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to create a website for my photography, and with that came my quest to find the best website builder. I ended up using Wix.com in order to build my portfolio website, and I am very happy I did. At first, I was a bit concerned because unlike my photography, I am not very good at making portfolio websites. I have had experience with developing other kinds of websites but building a website to showcase my photography proved to be quite a challenge. I knew there were many options out there.

Wix.com – A 360° Solution Provider to Photographers in their Website Building

I can say that I was extremely pleased with all the free website templates available. To my surprise I did not find any part of the process difficult. Building my website from scratch until I made my site live wasn’t hard, and was actually pretty fun. Photographers should definitely check out Wix.com when they decide to create their website, because there are so many features, which are extremely useful for showcasing your photography.

What A Photographer Would Find Attractive in Wix.com:

Before we jump in to an in depth analysis of Wix.com, I thought it would make sense to just pin point some of the most unique benefits a photographer would find useful while using Wix.com. The most important in my point of view is the flexibility of the web design. I was in complete control of the design of my site when customizing my template, especially because there were so many options available to me when personalizing my site. More than that, it’s easy to customize a website because of the drag and drop editor. I could just click an image, drag it to wherever I needed, and then drop it. There was also a free image service, which had lots of beautiful images I could use, if I didn’t want to upload my own image for the design.

Wix has definitely impressed me greatly with their offerings of nearly 300 professional templates. They display a lot of creativity with their template designs. One can create sharp and clean photography site, using large slideshows in the background to showcase his talents. Photographers in particular can offer number of Services sub-pages that include typical project scope of work descriptions and even pay rates. All of this is possible through the flexibility in the web design option offered by Wix. Keep in mind that I could build my website from scratch if I didn’t see a template I liked.

With a Drag and Drop interface, you can select functions and place them where you want them to go. You will see immediately how it looks. There is a small learning curve when using this Drag and Drop; however, it does not take long to understand.

Having the ability to choose image from tons of freely available images are definitely super cool offer by Wix for photographers. On top of it, if you are fond of your own click you don’t necessarily have to use the image from Wix’s collection you can upload your own image and integrate it with overall website design. I find this very feature the most appealing as a photographer.

What you might dislike as a photographer in Wix.com:

Despite being a great product, Wix is not a problem free product. If you choose not to pay for the service, you will have ads. The ads are not subtle either. They are everywhere, on the sides and bottoms of your pages. It might be irritating for you while working on your site.

You need to browse and try several different templates before committing to one. That is because I found that once you select a template, you could not change your mind. This can be extremely frustrating.

Now I would have you go through some further attributes that might help you decide why Wix is ideal choice for any photographer’s portfolio website.


As a newbie in photography world to me the most important factor was a price. To be honest, I never have thought I would find good photography templates for free until I went through all the templates offered by Wix. Since price was the most important factor to me and I feel with great pleasure that Wix nailed it for me.

Photography Templates


I love diversity and that is one thing I always focus in almost everything I do in my life. It brings more colors and vibrancy. Wix.com offered me high quality diversity. I did not know until I saw it myself they have so many different kinds of ready to use templates, they have abundance of music templates, business templates in other words you can make any kind of website with Wix. This diversity is not only among categories but it goes further in to sub-categories as well. It means they have various templates for different photography sub-categories.

Dedicated Photography Features:

As an amateur photographer I am quite aware of the preferences and requirements of a photography portfolio website. Photographers need a website that is capable of allowing them more power to present their images, use various effects to their photos to make them look more attractive and on top of all that it is important to have a highly professional web development technique to publish their photo galleries. As a photographer all these aspects are important and Wix.com knows it. They have dedicated features for photo galleries, such as stunning photography galleries.

In addition to that one can integrate a filter to your photos to get that desired effect. All of these are definitely features every photographer would want to show off in his or her online portfolio website.

360-Degree Approach:

Normally a lot of website builders don’t really bother to offer your 360 degree assistance. By that I mean they just give you templates and let you work your way out. However Wix offers you added advantage and the domain names from Wix.com feature allows you to buy your own domain without leaving Wix. I like this feature the most because it removes the hassle of finding the domain from other services. Another quality attribute of Wix is their top-notch customer service. I found myself in a problem and their representative helped me solve the problem in no time.

Also, if you wanted to sell online, all you would need to do is add the online store. This is an extremely powerful feature, especially if you are looking to sell your photography.

Final words:

In the end I like to emphasize to every photographer who is still thinking about going online with his collection, do consider Wix.com. It will make your job a lot easy, saves you tons of time and definitely some money too.

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  1. Doc says:

    Ok, have just started to construct a website and found editor very easy to use so far. It has suddenly occured to me that as it is free (my favorite word) ;-), where is the catch?
    There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!