What is A/B Testing and Why is it Necessary?

Have you ever noticed that some companies experiment with their live website landing page or overall design before selecting a more stable web design? Ever wonder what this is all about?

Yes, this is done to gauge the visitors’ reaction to website design variants to eventually come up with a design that is most engaging and offers best conversion rates. And the process is known as A/B testing.

A/B Testing or A/B Split Testing can be explained as a statistical analysis to achieve definitive outcome based on two variants or models that are being tested.

Marketers, web designers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs are always keen to improve their online interactions, conversion rates and sales. They use A/B testing as a tool to analyze different user interfaces and design models.

Neil Patel is a famous Blogger and Content Marketer. He tested various designs for his personal website neilpatel.com, and he often talks about A/B Testing.

What to Achieve from A/B Testing?

For marketing and content creation experts, A/B testing remains one of the most popular, tested and recommended analysis strategy to test website performance.

A/B testing tools and tips

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UI (User Interface) designers, graphic designers, web developers and social media managers are always keen to use A/B testing because a better user experience has a proven link with more desirable user actions on the website.

3 Things to Achieve in A/B Testing:

The following metrics can be used to gauge the user reaction through AB testing.

1. Email Sign-ups

Email Marketing is an essential tool to collect leads, engage audience and utilize the visitors to maximize the output of the website. Email sign-ups is often seen as an effective strategy among bloggers, companies and entrepreneurs to provide visitors with knowledge, insights and content.

online marketing tool

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LeadPages is considered one of the top online marketing tools service among webmasters and social media experts. It offers marketing strategies for leads collection, landing page designs, and audience engagement through well-placed opt-in forms.

2. Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the ratio of paid customers over total leads. While your website could be very engaging for website visitors, you must also ensure that a healthy number of these visitors are also transitioning into customers.

3. Click-Through Rate

CTR or Click-Through Rate measures engagement through the number of clicks a certain link, page or website design gets within a time period. This is useful to identify the top pages or links that get most clicks.

Another important metric is the time spent by users on certain pages or website sections.

heatmap analysis tool

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CrazyEgg is a good solution for companies seeking detailed insights on their landing pages, visitors’ behavior and conversion rate analysis.

wishpond tool

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Among other useful online marketing platforms, Wishpond provides many opt-in form design options for landing page. It also offers a lot of online marketing tools to engage, attract and convert visitors into subscribers or customers.

unbounce A/B testing

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Unbounce is also a famous online tool for A/B testing and Online Marketing Assessment.

Visitor’s Behavioral Study

A/B testing is a must for brands that are curious to figure out how to improve conversion and click-through rates. Obviously, better conversion and click-through rates would lead to improved sales and higher profits.

Web development and SaaS service companies are willing to invest time and money to understand their visitors’ behavior in depth. They want to identify exactly what people want to know and what really attracts them.

This way they can improve their web presence to add more value for the users. For example, if visitors are frequently clicking a sidebar Newsletter Subscription button, the blog owner might want to add a similar opt-in form at the bottom of every blog post.

Improving and perfecting user and customer experiences is a continuous process in which A/B testing has an important role to play.

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That’s it from our side, folks! Feel free to share what you think of A/B testing. And do tell us if you know about any other online tools that can be helpful for AB testing.

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