Reviews on a Few Authentic Groupon Clone Scripts

Given the slow economy, people look out for more ways to make out cash to prosper business. One of the best ways to reap some rich benefits is by using coupons offered by Groupon websites. These websites kicked off in the later part of the past year and have been making giant strides since then. Given the significance of Groupon websites and their benefits, it is recommended to identify the best place for buying the best quality Groupon Clone scripts. Many may find it cumbersome as plenty of companies are offering these scripts online. This article is intended for those who look out for a best Groupon clone scripts for improving their living standards.

I have presented below a set of Groupon clone scripts offered by different online businesses and their benefits.

Reviews on a Few Authentic Groupon Clone Scripts

1. Contus

Contus is an Indian-based company delivering Groupon clones envisioning the current and future expectations of the people to meet their expectations aptly. Besides, it is one of the companies that offer Groupon clone scripts at very affordable rates. What makes Contus Groupon Scripts special is the platform that the scripts are built with! The scripts are developed on the robust Magento platform offering formidable support and unprecedented stability. For those who know the benefits of Magento platform will obviously go for this clone as it is ultimately safe and secure. But, the drawbacks like a minimum requirement of PHP 5.2 to run on and a few more bugs may trouble many. However, they will be blown away like a speck of dust as the customer service offered by Contus is of high standards and unassailable. For those who want to experience the rich benefits of Magento can obviously try this Groupon script.


2. Wroupon

Wroupon located in Singapore is one of the best companies that offer Groupon Clones. Some of the features like multilingual, constant updates, social media integration, android apps, etc. have made the clone scripts offered by this company promising. Though the most claim that the front-end operations of the clone scripts are found to be extremely pleasing, the backend is proved to be displeasing. A few bugs, in addition make it more complex and it mayn’t be the right choice of script if you are a rookie. It is relatively cheap compared to other Groupon Clone scripts available in the market.


3. Altrasoft

Being a Chinese-based company, Altrasoft does offer some incredible features for those who show interests in Groupon clone scripts. Ask for a demo and you’ll experience an outstanding demonstration on how the clone scripts work. It is one of the factors that work favorably in addition to the reasonable pricing offered. But, demo is not everything and the real-time functions and features reveal a different story. While the denial of plain text in the WYSIWYG editor is one of the setbacks, adding http:// to urls each and every time is another. Apart from the above flaws, it is a free flowing clone script with some tidy functionality.


4. Couponic

It is a promising Russian-based company offering Groupon clone scripts with powerful features and awesome designs. The reliable support offered by them is yet another asset that has speculated them from their competitors. But, the problem underlies in the framework. This script developed on the “Yii” framework takes expertise skills to configure and troubleshoot. Those who are new to the “Yii” framework will obviously be troubled. Apart from the framework woes, it is absolutely a delightful script to work on.



Hope, this article provided some clear ideas over the different kinds of Groupon clone scripts and their features. From the list of clone scripts discussed in this article, I would say the better one with minimal bugs and unassailable support is Contus Groupone clone script. Give it a try and I bet you’ll experience some courteous services from them!

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  1. kathydaunt says:

    I always suggest both Contus groupon script and Wroupon script. Both scripts are great. I’ve experienced the demo of those product and finally getting into Contus groupon clone. Because Wroupon is built based on WordPress and WordPress is not such a secured eCommerce platform so i prefer to move with Contus Group clone as it is built on Magento platform. And This script also comes with the pack of themes which are also provided for demo