20 Movie Openning Title Sequence You Should Watch

What impact does the title sequence has upon your perception of the movie or the show you are about to watch? Did any poorly designed movie title sequence ruin your mood to enjoy a movie? Or did it ever disappoint you? Well you must have experienced such thoughts as according to our observations and the feedback we received from number of people is that definitely the impact of the title sequence has a very deeper effect upon the viewers perception prior watching the show.

In fact it can be considered as a very first impression of the performance art which you are about to watch. Hence you will definitely agree that the first impression always has the deepest effect upon the audience. Therefore to under estimate the designing part of the movies title sequence could be the biggest blunder the producer can ever commit. Here we have got some real amazing work of the designers who have wonderfully painted their creative ideas in such an inspiring motion graphics that one would really say Wow! Have a look and enjoy!

Rubicon Main Titles

Opening Titles for AMD Conference


FITC Amsterdam 2012 Opening Titles


Sustaining Life Credits


Kongsberg – Opening Titles

Acento Inglés

MTV Acesso

Nothing Like the Holidays

Playgrounds Opening Titles

Mad Men

MAD in Spain

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles

TOCA ME 2012 / Opening Titles

Tron vs. Saul Bass

Beyond Surface

Insomnia Festival – Opening Titles

TOCA ME Opening Titles

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