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What would be your reply if you were asked to describe yourself in one short sentence? Or how would you react if you were called upon to describe your entire life experiences in one small image? Can there be a ‘tag line’ or a graphical illustration that could embody all your current plans and future ambitions?

Is there such an icon or a sign that could reflect all that and become your instant positive public recognition? If that’s so, you may well use it as your logo.

A company logo or a business logo is like the public face of an organization. Business entities around the globe are willing to invest huge amounts of money for company logos that consumers can associate with. Brand loyalty is a powerful force, and to leverage this force, a company requires a company logo design that should ideally become the most potent visual symbol of the company.

Logobee, a logo design company founded out of Montreal, Canada has enjoyed much success thanks to its attention to detail, its quality of service and customer care. To create a logo for a company you need to have a sound knowledge about its vision, mission, objectives, and operations. Much thought should go into carving out a custom logo design as this corporate identity is going to stick with the company


At Logobee, experienced logo designers work with you to create logos that are visually appealing and conceptually consistent with your requirements. They have a vast portfolio of logo design samples and logo design templates containing examples of logo designs and logo design images they have been producing. An effective and a flexible logo design process coupled with low costs has resulted in high customer satisfaction and a very positive feedback.

Logo Designs

Another crucial element in creating a smart visual identity for a company is strong online presence in the form an engaging website that backs up the company’s efforts to achieve its stated goals. An organization must be able to build a website design that informs and engages its target audience as well as reinforces the company’s image and helps create an environment conducive to the smooth running of its business functions.

Web Designs

‘Specializing in corporate identity (logo design, business card / envelope/letterhead design), Logobee has expanded its services to include printing, website and brochure design!’ Professional website designers working at Logobee make it possible for them to offer ‘effective web design solutions for all types of businesses. They provide a vast range of web site design services from design to programming features such as a customized CMS and shopping carts.’

If you are planning to buy a logo, we would certainly recommend a stop at Logobee.

The Design Work

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