29 Creative Landing Page Design Examples

Public page or the landing page is arguably the most important page of any website. This is the first page a visitor looks at when he visits a website. The landing page design delivers the ‘first impression’ that for most users can prove the ‘last impression’. So it goes without saying that the design of landing pages deserves considerable attention from you. Your public page should hold an appeal for your visitors or website users and give a pretty good idea about the character of your website. A badly designed landing page will turn off your visitors and will make your website less user-friendly or/and bland.

The following are a few landing page design examples we have searched and want to share with you.

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Minimal Landing Page Design


Landing Page Design

Landing Page

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Human Writ.es

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The Worcestershire Leather Company

Landing Page Designs


Landing Page

PH – Landing Page

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Wimbledon 2009

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Tea Round

Landing Page Design Examples


Landing Page


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Landing Pages


Landing Page Designs

Tap Tap Tap

Landing Pages Design

Gift Rocket

Landing Pages Design

Local Wisdom

Landing Homepage


Landing Pages Designs


Creative Landing Page Design


Landing Pages Designs

Radoor & Co

Landing Page


Creative Landing Page Design


Landing Page Design Example


Awesome Landing Page Design

Lake Nona

Modern Landing Page Designs


Minimalistic Landing Page Design


Dark Landing Page


Landing Design Page

The Design Work

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2 Responses

  1. Scott Martin says:

    Some great design. As a direct response copywriter, I see some direct marketing techniques in action. The highest converting landing pages I’ve written have a fairly standard design, though. Remember, we’re here to convert, not win design prizes.

  2. Tea round is a website that I have been seeing on a lot of listings of various categories and its worth all those recognition’s.